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Next Venture in Career: Uber!

To a lot of people’s surprise, my new venture is Uber and of course doing Business Operations.  
Some background here, and if you don’t believe in the energetic world and spirituality, you can skip this section. 
March 27 is my Ex-Boss’s birthday (who is almost like a brother to me) and is my father’s death anniversary. This year, on March 27, Bart trains were down and I got stuck in Oakland where my boss lives. Instead of going back and working from home, I called him and took him out for a birthday treat. We decided to avoid talking about work and mostly talked about personal and career stuff for both of us. He asked me what I wanted to do next, and without thinking much, I said ‘I want to work for a consumer company, like UBER, next’.  I had few opportunities in works, but for some reason, I made that statement. Literally, two hours later, an Uber recruiter connects with me about the Business Ops role. The whole interview process was FAST, and its was a very pleasant and easy proc…

Covisint - Last Day

My last day at Covisint (5/5/2017) was very bitter sweet. 
I still remember my first day and reflecting on my role at Covisint here. I got the opportunity to work with some amazing, smart, hard working, and dedicated people. The folks at Covisint are super passionate about their role and the company. I also got to build an amazing team in UX, Training, Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Business Ops, etc. I hired some exceptional people and they made my life so easy. Also, I got to work with great peers who have become life long fiends. My boss, who was the SVP of Products/CMO, was also amazing and was almost like a brother to me.
The role at Covisint was challenging because the company was moving from a services business model to a PRODUCT/PLATFORM model, so there is a whole bag of challenges that comes with that, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about impact of leadership, culture change management, communications, and business operations model. 
We, the team I was with, achieved …

Mentoring at VetCon 2017

Through GrowthX, I got the opportunity to volunteer at VetCon 2017 (3/25/2017), first VetCon event. “VETCON is the veteran entrepreneur [vetrepreneur] conference, an annual gathering of visionaries, hustlers, and game-changers from around the world. We promote the international community of veterans who run their own businesses.
I signed up for a Mentor Speed Roundtable. I really like this model - it almost is like speed dating. You sit at a table, and mentees are matched with you ahead of time based on your expertise and guidance they are looking for. You rotate every 15 mins and essentially a couple hours covers about six sessions. 
I hate this part of the story, but it has a good ending. I had a very rough night and morning and really did not want to go. I almost cancelled, but literally 30 mins before I was suppose to be there, I said to myself, “You committed, and there are people you are matched with that are waiting for you. Give it your best and see what happens.” I pulled mysel…

Time.. How do you do it?

Once people get to know me a little bit, I have found myself on many occasions being asked something along the lines of:
When do you sleep?How do you do so much?When do you have time to do all that?
So I have a philosophy, which actually is merely a fact: 24 hours! Every single one of us gets 24 hours in a day. No more and no less. What is different is how we chose to spend those 24 hours. You can do anything and everything you wish to do with three simple tactics!
Plan. This doesn't have to be extensive. It can be as simple as what I want to achieve this month, this week, this day. I literally have three lists and they connect in a way since my monthly goals break down into weekly activities, and daily tasks.  Avoid and Kill Time Wasters. Especially this day and age, there are so many distractions between social media, apps, information overload. Have a time and place for these, but don't let it over power your time. When you wasting time, ca…

Practice Random Act of Kindness

This morning on a YouTube ad, I heard a very interesting phrase. "Nice is saying and doing what you others want. Kindness is done out of honesty. So be kind!"
I have racked up a few stories of kindness stories on Bart!
Carry the Bag! Few weeks ago, an old lady was walking up the escalators at Bart station with a heavy bag. I started right behind her, and I simply said, 'let me get that for you' and I carried it all the way. She was very appreciative!
No Wallet? No worries! I forgot my wallet at home because I am constantly changings purses and bags. The traffic to go back to my house, and coming back to Bart was going to be insane! I asked the station manager if I can use apple pay for a two way ticket, and he looked at me with 'what is apple pay?'. I smiled and explained my situation. He gave me a free round trip voucher for the day so I didn't have to drive back. Co-worker/friend took me to lunch, and another friend gave me ten bucks for emergency. The nex…

StartUp Weekend Experience

Disclaimer: This is a long read, so just warning you! I have sectioned it so it’s a little bit easier for you to follow.

StartUp Weekend? What’s that? Marketing tactic that worked: Word of Mouth!
A good friend of mine went to StartUp weekend with education focus, and they told me about what a good learning experience it was. I was instantly thrilled and excited to attend one myself. I searched for few, but didn’t find one that interested at the time. I kept checking every few weeks, and found the StartUp Weekend AR/VR/AI from Jan 13-15. I bought the tickets right away, and shared it with few friends who also had interest in attending. What Happens at StartUp Weekend? Research and Read!
I had a brief idea from my friends of what their experience was, but as I was getting closer to the event, I started doing a lot of research of what to expect, how to prep, etc. This was really helpful because the more I know, the better I can prepare. TechStars does a very good job explaining the proce…

Happy Holidays 2016!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is holiday parties. You get to spend time with your friends and family, relax, dress up, and enjoy good food. And of course there are presents involved. Here is my rounds of holiday parties in 2016!
BBAGC 12/10 at Hakassan in San Francisco This was Andy’s ventures holiday party, and it was a small, but close group of people that enjoyed good drinks, food, and we had some great speeches from everyone!  
Fantastic Toastmasters 12/17 at Sakoon in Fremont I love my fellow toastmasters. I have been going to this club for a few years and I have met such amazing people! Usually, we do a holiday theme meeting with pot luck. This year, we decided to go have a nice lunch after the meeting and it was so good to connect with people I see every week over a meal!
Covisint 12/21 in San Francisco Our recruiter / office manager did such a good job coordinating quite a few activities for the holiday season! We decorated the office as a team which was super fun…

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year!
What's a year it has been! I rung in 2017 at the Bollywood Glitz Ritesh Deshmukh's Party where we danced to Girls Like to Swing in a very Gatsby style! After, we danced off for few hours and rung in 2017! 

I am super excited for 2017! I kicked it off by launching vibity, and I am going to Start Up weekend this month. I have never done a hackathon style startup, so I am really excited about it! 

My last year's resolution was 

Being mindful and in the present moment. I read the Heart of Buddha’s teaching book and it focused so much on being mindful in everything we do and truly and fully enjoying the present moment no matter what you are doing. I want to incorporate this in everything I do.Loving and appreciating everything around me. I know people who find love and joy in everything. I am a passionate person, but I need to better enjoy little things in life that bring us so much pleasure and genuinely appreciating them.Connecting with people more. I have a lot o…

San Francisco Elevator Pitch

This week, I went to my first pitch event. It was very fascinating, and I really enjoyed my time. 
I found it on EventBrite, and immediately signed up to go after I came from San Diego to check it out!
The way it works is that there are 10 people who sign up ahead of time to do a pitch as if they were asking for investment, and the panel gives them feedback on the pitch to help them improve for when they actual go pitch to real investors.
The hardest part is that the pitch can only be 2 mins, and there is a lot of content to squeeze in 2 mins, and you have to choose words very carefully to cover all your points and not leave your audience confused. After that, the panel asks a few questions, and finally each person on panel provides feedback and score on scale of 1-5. 
Here were the pitches on 11/1 Adventures in Common, GlennFriendFinds, GregGiveYa, EugeneGoCarrot, TonyIrisVision, AmmadneoEyed, AlessioPacer Automated Solutions, KarlWatchbox, DavidWaveSolar, ColinTripTop, Basil

Other tha…

San Diego - Travel Diaries

Sunday evening (10/30), this Hispanic waiter brings me my delicious Indian food I have been waiting for, and as he is putting the food on the table, he says, "Who is making your wait?". I smile, and I say "no one".  You see, I was sitting alone at Royal India in Gaslamp Quarter (Downtown) San Diego. In fact, I didn't wait for anyone that entire weekend because I was traveling solo to San Diego to relax, to rejuvenate, to enjoy, to be in solitude!
For almost a year, I have had the itch to go to San Diego. I have been there before, but I really wanted to go back. For a while, I tried to coordinate with my friends for a weekend or holiday visit, but it never worked out. One day, I decided that I would just do a solo trip and it worked out with work as well. I have been spending so much time doing a lot of things (Dance, LeanIn, Work, friend's birthday, friend's baby shower, this that, etc.) and I just wanted to take  break. I was thrilled to have this week…