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Public Speaking Talk

At Uber, we do monthly soft skills training and I was asked if I would teach a session on Public Speaking. As usual, I said ‘yes’ with lot of enthusiasm! 
It took me some time, but I was able to create a solid deck with 10 public speaking tips and techniques and included a impromptu speaking section (toastmaster table topics inspired). I really enjoyed pulling the content together and doing this public speaking talk three times in like two weeks. I did it once at Uber, and by popular demand we hosted a second one. In between, I did this talk at GrowthX. 
For the first one, my dear friend and DreamGetter partner, Millie, came and helped me run the interactive impromptu speaking part. She is amazing and very engaging with the audience. More importantly, she helped me prepare and gave me very good feedback before prime time! 
Here are the slides and below is the feedback I got! The feedback is so encouraging! 

I thought the material was invaluable and that Honey really "owned" …

Matthew McConaughey Inspirational Speech: Look Up, Look Forward, and Chase

There’s a few things, about three things to my count that I need each day. One I need something to look up to, another something to look forward to, and another is someone to chase.

Now first off I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to. He has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or of any human hand. He has shown me that it is a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. In the words of the late Charlie Laughton, who said “When you got God, you got a friend, and that friend is you” To my family, that’s who and what I look forward to. To my Father who I know he is up there right now with a big pot of gumbo. He has got a lemon meringue pie over there, he is probably in his underwear and he has got a cold can of Miller Lite, he is dancing right now. To you Dad, you taught me what it means to be a man. To my Mother who is here tonight, who taught me and my two older brothers, demanded that we respect ourselves. And what we in turn learned was t…

Resignation Stories (TI Speech Project 4 from Entertaining Speaker)

On September 27, I did a speech on my resignation stories. It was perfect because the title of the project was ‘A Dramatic Talk’, and the objectives of the speech were to develop an entertaining dramatic talk about an experience or incident and deliver it in an entertaining manner.

I basically walked through my 4 resignation stories:

VSS MonitoringEvolve Discovery Safeway Internet Brands Each one of them in a unique story...I had my reasons to leave, but I really lucky that in each one there was a lot of effort put in to ensure I stay with the company and reconsider my resignation, but I decided to move on and have built some pretty amazing relationships! To be continued...

User Experience Design (TI Speech Project 2 from Entertaining Speaker)

On August 15, I did a speech on User Experience Design as a practice for the presentation I was giving the coming Monday to a group of product managers and engineers. The objectives of the speech was to draw entertaining material from sources other than your own personal experience and adapt it to suit your personality, audience, and topic. Below are some images from the presentation that talk about UX strategy and process. Because I used a presentation that we built with my UX team, I didn’t have to write a speech. I just presented with the slides. Here is a high-level outline of what the slides included:

UX Framework and Process Define our UX Problems, Aspirations, and Solutions Avoiding Known UX Pain Points Collaboration Model and Deliverables

My First Cartoon in Theater (TI Speech Project 1 from EntertainingSpeaker)

Yesterday, I did a toastmaster speech after a while. I am now working towards by Advanced Communicator Bronze, which means I have to do 10 speeches. Each Advanced Manual is composed of 5 speeches, so I picked the following two manuals: Entertaining Speaker and Story Telling).
Usually, I write a comprehensive outline, and practice my speech multiple times, but this one was very impromptu. I woke up around 6 am and almost cancelled my speaking slot, but then decided to speak on a recent movie I watched: Inside Out. 
The goal was to entertain the audience by relating a personal experience and organize it in a way for maximum impact. It was 5-7 mins. 
Very rough outline I wrote morning of: Set the stage with what I did that day and how I decided to watch the movie... Talked about the characters and drew a picture of how the movie wad laid out Expressed appreciation for movie and asked everyone to go watch it (simple, but educational about how the human mind and our emotions works) Feedback:

Achieved Advanced Leader Bronze from Toastmaster

Another one down! Today, I achieved the Advanced Leader Bronze certificate with toastmaster. The goal here was to complete the following: Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, serve as a club officer for a one term, attend TI Leadership Institute, and conduct two leadership presentations.

I finished my Competent Communicator and Competent Leader in February 2015. I had the opportunity to serve as the VP of Education at Fantastic Toastmasters from July 2014 - December 2014 and President of the same club from January 2015 - current.
The two leadership success series I conducted were:
Goal Setting and Planning Motivating People
Here is a quick snapshot of my DTM journey.

Complete Competent Communicator - February 2015 Competent Leader - February 2015 Advanced Leader Bronze - May 2015

In Progress Advanced Communicator Bronze (10 speeches) Advanced Communicator Silver (10 speeches) Advanced Communicator Gold (10 speeches) Advanced Leader Silver (District or Division Level Leadership Position an…

Giving Effective Feedback (TI Leadership Excellence Series)

Today, I did my second presentation from theThe Leadership Excellence Series Set. This set of materials built by Toastmasters International to help members learn the skills they need to be successful leaders.
I built my own version of the slides (embedded below), and I really enjoyed presenting the material. Similar to Goals Setting, everyone was very receptive to the presentation because it’s very relevant. Each meeting includes a full evaluation of each speaker, and a written evaluation by each member for each speaker. I have improved my speaking style a lot because of the evaluations I have received in each speech (full evaluation and written), and this goes for all members in the club.
Feedback is critical for improvement, and you see it in aspects of life, so the material here provides a lot of good techniques and tips on giving effective feedback!

Goal Setting and Planning (TI Leadership Excellence Series)

On May 2, I did my first presentation from the The Leadership Excellence Series Set. This set of materials built by Toastmasters International to help members learn the skills they need to be successful leaders. For the leadership track of DTM, I am working on my Advanced Leadership Bronze set, and as part of that I did the Goal Setting and Planning presentation.

I built my own version of the slides(embedded below), and I really enjoyed presenting the material. I thought the audience would not be very receptive to it, but I was very surprised how engaging the audience truly was. To make it unique to me, I included some things I learned from Tony Robbins program about goal setting and a hands on portion. For audience involvement, I gave everyone an index card, provided them a very specific format to write a goal, and had every single person share their goal. Because when you share your goal, it becomes much more real! 

There was a lot of synergy in the meeting because both Vinod and Bin…

Achieved My Competent Leader (CL) from Toastmaster

This weekend, I completed my Competent Leader, first level of leadership certificate, award from toastmaster. I am working towards achieving Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), so completing the first communication and leadership awards this month is very fulfilling.
This certificate entailed working on ten leadership projects. These projects are composed of specific tasks that are integrated in attending and participating in toastmaster meetings, which includes: The Toastmaster is a meeting's director and host. The purpose of the Ah-Counter is to note any overused words or filler sounds. The Grammarian helps club members improve their grammar and vocabulary. A Timer is responsible for monitoring the time of meeting segments and speakers. The Topicsmaster delivers the Table Topics portion of the meeting. Evaluators provide verbal and written feedback to meeting speakers. The General Evaluator evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting.
Project 1 Listening: Listening is an…

Achieved My Competent Communicator (CC) from Toastmaster

I joined toastmaster in March 2014 and in this year, I finished the first level of certification on the Communications Track: Competent Communicator. This includes doing ten speeches each with a different objective. It had been a great journey so far. I learned a lot and have improved my public speaking and communications abilities. In the process, I got to learn more about specific topics, and reflect and share my personal experiences. Most importantly, I have met a lot of great people from different walks of life who are simply amazing. It’s heartwarming to connect with other toastmaster members and learn about them and share my experiences with them.
Here are the ten speeches with a link to each speech:
Icebreaker: Get started by talking on a subject about which you are the expert (YOU): introduce yourself to the club. Find out what communication skills you want to develop. Keep Moving Forward
Organize Your Speech: Organize your thoughts into logical sequence leading to a clearly defi…

Keep Moving Forward - Part II (TI Speech Project 10 from CC)

Competent Communicator Project #10 Inspire Your Audience Select a topic about which you feel strongly, analyze your audience’s mood and feelings, and inspire them using all the skills you have developed in the preceding speeches in this series. 8-10 Minutes

Few months ago, I was walking up to attend toastmaster, and I ran into the security clerk, and he looked at me, smiled and said, “Are you ready to tackle the world?”, and naturally, being the person I am, I gave him a big smile and responded, [P] “Everyday”!As I was researching what to talk about today, I thought that the first speech in CC was an icebreaker about me, so I figured I would complete the circle and do a little bit deeper dive about me and share some of my experiences and lessons [P] in hopes to inspire you. Body
I have three key lessons for you today:
One: It's ok to fail, but it’s important to pick yourself back up and realize the value of the experiences. [P] Graduated high school a year early, Bachelor'…

Learn How to Make Music (TI Speech Project 9 from CC)

This was a difficult speech for me at the beginning. I couldn't nail down the topic, and I think I wrote three different outlines before I decided to move forward with this one (Importance of Reading Newspaper, Importance of Financial Education, Why Everyone Should Learn a New Language). Overall, it turned out well because I was able to integrate my personal experience with music. That personal touch always makes a speech/storytelling a lot stronger and impactful. 
Competent Communicator Project #9 Persuade with Power Persuade your audience to accept your proposal or viewpoint. You will appeal to your audience’s self-interest, and arouse a strong emotional commitment to your cause.5-7 Minutes
Opening How many of you know how to play a musical instrument? How many of you have thought about playing an instrument and never really picked it up. My goal today is to convince you to learn a musical instrument.Body My Story with Musical InstrumentsFlute: Started with flute when I was in 5th g…