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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year!
What's a year it has been! I rung in 2017 at the Bollywood Glitz Ritesh Deshmukh's Party where we danced to Girls Like to Swing in a very Gatsby style! After, we danced off for few hours and rung in 2017! 

I am super excited for 2017! I kicked it off by launching vibity, and I am going to Start Up weekend this month. I have never done a hackathon style startup, so I am really excited about it! 

My last year's resolution was 

Being mindful and in the present moment. I read the Heart of Buddha’s teaching book and it focused so much on being mindful in everything we do and truly and fully enjoying the present moment no matter what you are doing. I want to incorporate this in everything I do.Loving and appreciating everything around me. I know people who find love and joy in everything. I am a passionate person, but I need to better enjoy little things in life that bring us so much pleasure and genuinely appreciating them.Connecting with people more. I have a lot o…

Investing In Self.. That Feeling... A Bucket List

Yesterday, I went home sick and was just not feeling well between the headaches and the bad flu I have been fighting for a week. 

I had a conversation with a friend that went something like this -- you'll recognize the feeling. 

"Want to go away for a while.. Get chance of pace.. New perspective... Need passion... And then you realize you can't cause you have responsibilities.. so gets frustrating and you feel stuck... and it's not even about money.. I am 27, I should enjoy life more.. Have done so much for others, managed so much at a young age, focusing on others all the time... I kind of have an itch to drop everything and just go travel (Friend was in complete agreement of the sentiment)" 
How many times have you had this feeling or have talked to someone who has has this feeling.. "I just need a break" and how many times have you seen a quote on instagram or pintrest or facebook echoing this? It's a rhetoric question, but the answer is way too man…

Pomodoro Time Management Technique

On twitter, I came across Pomodoro Time Management technique, so I have been using it in my schedule in past couple of weeks. It’s been very effective in getting things done. At the beginning of the week, I usually block 6-8 Pomodoro’s in my schedule, so I don’t get sucked into endless meetings.
Here is the technique:   Choose a task Set at timer for 25 mins Work on that task without distractions (no email, no phone, no drive by convos) Repeat 3 times Take a 15 min break
This essentially takes up 90 mins, including breaks.
Resources and Credit: Pomodoro Technique
The Simple Technique to fit a 40 hour work week in 16 hours

Developing Empathy (Podcast Brief: Life Habits with Karel Vredenburg)

Three aspects of developing empathy: Authentic listening - listen to a person without distractions and summarize what they said to youNot being biased - read an opinion article that is opposite of your beliefs without being biased Connecting with the person as a whole - draw a circle and write do, think, do, say, for a specific person

Optimizing Happiness (Podcast Brief: Life Habits with Karel Vredenburg)

Six themes to optimizing happiness:

Buy experiences, not things Be kind to others; show gratitude and appreciation Hug someone; build strong relationships Smile Achieve a balance; allows you to enjoy the present Focus on your sense of purpose; the greater good

Creative Meeting Names

I was looking for creative meeting titles, and I came across this awesome resource that provides 127 themes and concepts. Excited to incorporate these meeting names! 
1.     A World of Opportunities 2.     A Whole New World 3.     A Celebration of Success 4.     A Spectrum of Opportunities 5.     Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now 6.     All Systems Go 7.     Anything is Possible 8.     Back to the Future 9.     Back On Top 10.   Becoming Agents of Change 11.    Be Extraordinary 12.    Beat (name of biggest competitor) 13.   Better and Consistent 14.   Beyond All Limits 15.   Board Break Experience at the event! 16.   Breakthrough To Excellence 17.   Breaking Barriers 18.   Breaking Down Barriers 19.   Breaking Out of Your Shell 20.  Breakthrough Performance 21.   Breakthrough To Excellence 22.   Building on the Best 23.   Building for the Future 24.   California Dreamin’ (Tie into the location) 25.   Commitment to Excellence 26.   Creating Customer Connections 27.   Creating Connections-Building Bridges…Together 28.    C…

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2015

This week, Forbes released it’s The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2015 list. I keep a tab on this list and the women who are part of this list every year. Each one of these have their own brand, identity, and something unique about them, which is very intriguing to me.
To start, here are the different elements / criteria: Financial Resources Controlled: Company revenue, income, GDP, dollars spent on fulfilling organization’s mission (the size and importance of the woman's business in the global economy and the health and direction of the business) Global Media Relations: Publications, newspaper, specialized periodicals, newswires, broadcast transcripts, social media presence (Facebook fans, twitter followers, youtube, instagram followers, etc.) Sphere of Influence: Power in multiple sphere (Oprah being the ideal example of being a media maven, entrepreneur, businesswoman, billionaire, and philanthropist who occasionally dabbles in political king making) Impact: Actively and successf…