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Public Speaking Talk

At Uber, we do monthly soft skills training and I was asked if I would teach a session on Public Speaking. As usual, I said ‘yes’ with lot of enthusiasm! 
It took me some time, but I was able to create a solid deck with 10 public speaking tips and techniques and included a impromptu speaking section (toastmaster table topics inspired). I really enjoyed pulling the content together and doing this public speaking talk three times in like two weeks. I did it once at Uber, and by popular demand we hosted a second one. In between, I did this talk at GrowthX. 
For the first one, my dear friend and DreamGetter partner, Millie, came and helped me run the interactive impromptu speaking part. She is amazing and very engaging with the audience. More importantly, she helped me prepare and gave me very good feedback before prime time! 
Here are the slides and below is the feedback I got! The feedback is so encouraging! 

I thought the material was invaluable and that Honey really "owned" …