Week to Myself!

For the first time in my career, I took a WEEK (5 business days, 4 weekend) off in between jobs! Usually, I end on Friday and start the new job the following Monday. 

The only exception was between Safeway and Internet Brands when my birthday was on the Monday I was suppose to start, and so I moved to start on Tuesday and spent my birthday enjoying the city, eating tons of amazing food, and partying with friends. 

So, this time I took a week and like all things I planned to do a LOT of things, but didn’t get a lot of it done. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time off - it was relaxing and productive in some ways. Here is a high-level of of how the week went: 

Saturday - Dance Performance for Canvas Dance Company and fiends potluck 
Sunday - Cleaning, meeting someone to give them internships and drinks with friends 
Monday - Cleaning, shopping all afternoon/evening with friends
Tuesday - Lunch with old coworker and shopping pretty much rest of day with friends 
Wednesday - Relaxing and cleaned our whole garage, it feels so good. And of course Zumba 
Thursday - Hanging out in Peninsula with friends: food, shopping, walking around, drinks, etc. 
Friday - Met a friend for coffee early morning at Slapface and just worked on personal stuff at Slapface for few hours. Had our monthly sometimes bi-monthly friends cooking competition (Cucumber and Japanese theme) and we did powerpoint karaoke! 
Saturday - Pretty much slept all day and watched movies
Sunday - Nails, movies, personal stuff

It was so good take the time off. It was very very rejuvenating. Definitely worth it to take some time for yourself to relax, reframe your mind before starting a new job, and enjoy solitude. It did give me a chance to meet a lot of people I hadn’t met in a while due to work schedules, so that was good. 

I am so glad I took the time for myself! Definitely worth it. Excited to start new venture, but time for me was blissful. 

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