Next Venture in Career: Uber!

To a lot of people’s surprise, my new venture is Uber and of course doing Business Operations.  

Some background here, and if you don’t believe in the energetic world and spirituality, you can skip this section. 

March 27 is my Ex-Boss’s birthday (who is almost like a brother to me) and is my father’s death anniversary. This year, on March 27, Bart trains were down and I got stuck in Oakland where my boss lives. Instead of going back and working from home, I called him and took him out for a birthday treat. We decided to avoid talking about work and mostly talked about personal and career stuff for both of us. He asked me what I wanted to do next, and without thinking much, I said ‘I want to work for a consumer company, like UBER, next’.  I had few opportunities in works, but for some reason, I made that statement. Literally, two hours later, an Uber recruiter connects with me about the Business Ops role. The whole interview process was FAST, and its was a very pleasant and easy process, and I got an offer to work for Uber in April. It was magical. I just look up at the sky, and say thank you! 

The interview was like all other interviews, but I was not stressed about them and I got to just genuinely connect with people about what I am passionate about: Business Operations. I met with about 10 people, and had a good experience with each one of them. After I got the offer and accepted the offer, I got a series of emails from folks I interviewed with which was AMAZING! 

Some emails:
“I heard that extended an offer to you. I have to say that I'm extremely excited about the chance to work with you. Your passion, your energy and your vision would make me a better person and make my team better. There are few places you could go that you could partner with a team as deeply as ours. I'm really into innovation, trying new ideas and immediately trying things out with no friction. You will have a major ability to shape the team and our processes..”

“Super excited to hear that the biz ops offer was extended! Let me know if there is anything that I can do.”

“I just heard the good news from the team - we are so, so incredibly JAZZED that you are joining our BizOps team! I absolutely loved getting the chance to chat with you when you came onsite, and I look forward to you officially coming onboard in May. Please don't hesitate to wave your hands if there's anything you need beforehand :)”

"Wanted to let you know that it was such a pleasure meeting you and we would be so excited to welcome you to our team. Would love to get the chance to work with you! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out”

“Val just told me that she was able to send you your offer details. Really thrilled and excited about the great news. Welcome to the team and the Uber club! #superpumped”

This was such a feel good factor and a great way to nudge offer acceptance!   

I accepted for few reasons:

  1. Amazing people I met in the interview process  
  2. Opportunity to share my passion and use it to make a huge impact to the organization 
  3. Fast paced, fast growing, preIPO, innovative, etc. 
  4. One of my bucket list goals was to work for a unicorn, and Uber is definitely a unicorn. 
  5. It’s Uber! C’mon! 

Everyone in my life was very encouraging and supportive of Uber, except for some people who questioned why and have this hate for Uber due to all the things that have happened. I am aware of all those things, read about them in detail and I take some things with a grain of salt because PR tends to blow things up more than they are worth. Also, I asked about all this at Uber and there is clear acknowledge and plan to improve, and I wanted to be part of that change! I see it as an opportunity! 

I am really excited for the next chapter of my career at Uber! 

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