Covisint - Last Day

My last day at Covisint (5/5/2017) was very bitter sweet. 

I still remember my first day and reflecting on my role at Covisint here. I got the opportunity to work with some amazing, smart, hard working, and dedicated people. The folks at Covisint are super passionate about their role and the company. I also got to build an amazing team in UX, Training, Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Business Ops, etc. I hired some exceptional people and they made my life so easy. Also, I got to work with great peers who have become life long fiends. My boss, who was the SVP of Products/CMO, was also amazing and was almost like a brother to me.

The role at Covisint was challenging because the company was moving from a services business model to a PRODUCT/PLATFORM model, so there is a whole bag of challenges that comes with that, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about impact of leadership, culture change management, communications, and business operations model. 

We, the team I was with, achieved a lot in the two years and I am so glad I took this role. It helped me crystalize business operations more as function. We did fail in in some areas, but we acknowledged that, learned from it, and constantly joked about writing a HBR case study on it :) 

You live and learn!

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