The April 30

  1. Improv dancing on April 9 (mom’s birthday) 
  2. Henna twice in April - myself and in Chicago 
  3. Babysat Jax - dog has so much energy 
  4. Did photoshoot with Tanmoy (checkout his IG: @tanmoy7700
  5. Had the worst case of flu and lots of helping hands 
  6. Interviewed with Uber and accepted offer 
  7. Mango Island dinner with friends  
  8. Coffee chat with an old friend
  9. Flooda with Khin
  10. Dinner at Christine and Chris for watching Jax and she gave me so much jewelry 
  11. Very productive work with Canvas and Vibity 
  12. DreamGetters workshop at SlapFace 
  13. Movies: Raees, Kabil, Fate of Furious 8, Benghazi Attack, John Reacher
  14. Spoke with Kim about life and relationships for couple hours
  15. Poor doggies got super sick, but healed :) 
  16. Talking and spending time with a close coworker 
  17. Drinks at Cham Se - Friday night usual 
  18. Played Bubble Soccer 
  19. Got this amazing hot stone massage 
  20. Took care of myself for a day: pedicure, cooking good home made food and eating it peacefully 
  21. Zumba 
  22. Sushi - Kappa Maki night 
  23. Chicago Trip was amazing 
  24. Visiting my cousins baby shower 
  25. Spending time with my cousin sister and family just hanging out 
  26. Taught my niece and nephew a dance and they performed FIRST TIME EVER at the baby shower 
  27. Other mom gave me hella Indian clothes and bangles 
  28. Went to toastmasters couple times - always love this. Doing this less and less due to time constraints 
  29. Did a lot of cleaning and organizing  
  30. Launched Canvas Dance Company and lots of good choreography sessions and dance practices to prepare for 1st performance in May!

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