Canvas Dance Company

Dancing has always been my passion and there are many posts about it in the ‘Dance & Music’ tag, but this was one exciting and special because I launched my own dance company!  

For about a year, I (brought some of my friends) to dance with moreUpbeat, by Ritu Singh. I met her at a belly dance class, and she asked me to come perform at some events, and then we were on a rocket ship and did 30+ performances in 2016 under moreUpbeat. 

Over time, I (with the friends that I brought to dane) realized that we wanted to do something different and at different scale and reach, so we decided to start our own dance company.   

It took us the longest time to come up with a name, but we came up with Canvas Dance Company because a stage or dance floor is like a blank canvas and ‘dance’ is the art that you create on it. We did some marketing, got logo made, built our website:, and have quiet a few performances scheduled this year and many more we are pursuing.  You can learn more about style, people, etc. from the website. 

We are really excited about the future of the company. All of us are passionate about dance, have a lot of ideas on sharing that passion in different ways, and have a commitment and standard level like no other! We come from different backgrounds, heritage, professions, but we are thrilled for our humble beginnings as Canvas Dance Company. 

Stay connected with us on social media: 
Facebook and Instagram: @canvasdancecompany
Twitter: @canvasdanceco 

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