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Time.. How do you do it?

Once people get to know me a little bit, I have found myself on many occasions being asked something along the lines of:
When do you sleep?
How do you do so much?
When do you have time to do all that?
So I have a philosophy, which actually is merely a fact: 24 hours! Every single one of us gets 24 hours in a day. No more and no less. What is different is how we chose to spend those 24 hours. You can do anything and everything you wish to do with three simple tactics!
Plan. This doesn't have to be extensive. It can be as simple as what I want to achieve this month, this week, this day. I literally have three lists and they connect in a way since my monthly goals break down into weekly activities, and daily tasks.  Avoid and Kill Time Wasters. Especially this day and age, there are so many distractions between social media, apps, information overload. Have a time and place for these, but don't let it over power your time. When you wasting time, ca…

Practice Random Act of Kindness

This morning on a YouTube ad, I heard a very interesting phrase. "Nice is saying and doing what you others want. Kindness is done out of honesty. So be kind!"
I have racked up a few stories of kindness stories on Bart!
Carry the Bag! Few weeks ago, an old lady was walking up the escalators at Bart station with a heavy bag. I started right behind her, and I simply said, 'let me get that for you' and I carried it all the way. She was very appreciative!
No Wallet? No worries! I forgot my wallet at home because I am constantly changings purses and bags. The traffic to go back to my house, and coming back to Bart was going to be insane! I asked the station manager if I can use apple pay for a two way ticket, and he looked at me with 'what is apple pay?'. I smiled and explained my situation. He gave me a free round trip voucher for the day so I didn't have to drive back. Co-worker/friend took me to lunch, and another friend gave me ten bucks for emergency. The nex…