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StartUp Weekend Experience

Disclaimer: This is a long read, so just warning you! I have sectioned it so it’s a little bit easier for you to follow.

StartUp Weekend? What’s that? Marketing tactic that worked: Word of Mouth!
A good friend of mine went to StartUp weekend with education focus, and they told me about what a good learning experience it was. I was instantly thrilled and excited to attend one myself. I searched for few, but didn’t find one that interested at the time. I kept checking every few weeks, and found the StartUp Weekend AR/VR/AI from Jan 13-15. I bought the tickets right away, and shared it with few friends who also had interest in attending. What Happens at StartUp Weekend? Research and Read!
I had a brief idea from my friends of what their experience was, but as I was getting closer to the event, I started doing a lot of research of what to expect, how to prep, etc. This was really helpful because the more I know, the better I can prepare. TechStars does a very good job explaining the proce…

5 Questions Guide to Interviewing Product Manager

At Covisint, I have interviewed a lot because I was building a team and Covisint has been and is hiring a lot. Vincent is the VP of Product Management, and I interview all the Product Manager candidates for him. I have interviewed dozens of Product Managers over the past year and I have created a system for the interview.
In almost any interview, I need 30 minutes to know whether I am going to hire someone. Even though Product Managers come in all sizes and shapes, I get a pretty good understanding of their capabilities with these 5 questions:
Tell me about yourself. Now I know this is generic, but it’s so surprising how short and brief many people can be. Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for a long winded answer, but I am looking for a story of why and how you became a product manager! Imagine I never read your resume and you have to tell me your experience in a story form in 3-5 minutes. Why are you leaving your current job and why are you excited about this job? What I am reall…

Happy Holidays 2016!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is holiday parties. You get to spend time with your friends and family, relax, dress up, and enjoy good food. And of course there are presents involved. Here is my rounds of holiday parties in 2016!
BBAGC 12/10 at Hakassan in San Francisco This was Andy’s ventures holiday party, and it was a small, but close group of people that enjoyed good drinks, food, and we had some great speeches from everyone!  
Fantastic Toastmasters 12/17 at Sakoon in Fremont I love my fellow toastmasters. I have been going to this club for a few years and I have met such amazing people! Usually, we do a holiday theme meeting with pot luck. This year, we decided to go have a nice lunch after the meeting and it was so good to connect with people I see every week over a meal!
Covisint 12/21 in San Francisco Our recruiter / office manager did such a good job coordinating quite a few activities for the holiday season! We decorated the office as a team which was super fun…

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year!
What's a year it has been! I rung in 2017 at the Bollywood Glitz Ritesh Deshmukh's Party where we danced to Girls Like to Swing in a very Gatsby style! After, we danced off for few hours and rung in 2017! 

I am super excited for 2017! I kicked it off by launching vibity, and I am going to Start Up weekend this month. I have never done a hackathon style startup, so I am really excited about it! 

My last year's resolution was 

Being mindful and in the present moment. I read the Heart of Buddha’s teaching book and it focused so much on being mindful in everything we do and truly and fully enjoying the present moment no matter what you are doing. I want to incorporate this in everything I do.Loving and appreciating everything around me. I know people who find love and joy in everything. I am a passionate person, but I need to better enjoy little things in life that bring us so much pleasure and genuinely appreciating them.Connecting with people more. I have a lot o…