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Looking Back, and Looking Ahead!

I always come across articles and such that talk about using early mornings for being productive and a good time to journal, so here is my December 2016 reflections!   See and celebrate success in little things you do everything, and all those little things add up to big results.
But first, today’s semi-success story! I got a bad case of flu in September, so I thought I was done for season, but last night with body fever and aches all night, also kicked off the cold tickle in my throat. I have been wide awake since 3 am. Usually, that means twisting and turning, and frustration, and trying to sleep, etc. etc., but instead I used another piece of great advice I have learned in these articles. If you can’t fall asleep in the usual time that you fall asleep in, get out of bed and try again later. So at 3:45 am, I got out of bed. I did some reading, did some around the house errands, drank emergenc, drank salt water, ate breakfast, took dayquil. Tried to sleep, but couldn’t in 15-20 mins, s…