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Investing In Self.. That Feeling... A Bucket List

Yesterday, I went home sick and was just not feeling well between the headaches and the bad flu I have been fighting for a week. 

I had a conversation with a friend that went something like this -- you'll recognize the feeling. 

"Want to go away for a while.. Get chance of pace.. New perspective... Need passion... And then you realize you can't cause you have responsibilities.. so gets frustrating and you feel stuck... and it's not even about money.. I am 27, I should enjoy life more.. Have done so much for others, managed so much at a young age, focusing on others all the time... I kind of have an itch to drop everything and just go travel (Friend was in complete agreement of the sentiment)" 
How many times have you had this feeling or have talked to someone who has has this feeling.. "I just need a break" and how many times have you seen a quote on instagram or pintrest or facebook echoing this? It's a rhetoric question, but the answer is way too man…

Early Morning Routine

I have read so many articles and even a book about early morning routines and starting the day right to have a successful full day, but I have had such a tough time putting it in practice on a daily basis. Mostly because of my schedule with work where some days I have to be at work by 8 am and some days I don't get in till 9:30 for meetings. Also, the one hour commute each way doesn't help with having a impactful morning routine. Also, evenings composed of work, social activities, learning stuff, working out, etc. is an inhibiting factor to early morning routine. All these are just EXCUSES. I know, as well as anyone else, that if you really want to do something, you can make it happen with proper planning and adequate execution.
See mornings are the most important because it sets the tone of your day. On many occasions, I have stayed in bed and not done much, and I had a reasonably productive and good day. However, on the few more than I give myself credit for, I have woken …

30 Things in 30 Days

Sometimes in life you get this ‘what’s the point’ feeling when you are doing your day-to-day thing. Lately I have had this unpleasant feeling here and there along that line. When this happens, I start asking big questions like where is my life headed, where is my career headed, etc; you know the drill! Instead of focusing on the big questions, I just started thinking about the little things today, and my state of mind instantly changed. I was hoping to make a list for a past few days, and I literally made a list for the last month (exactly!). This instantly changed my state of mind, questions I was doodling on, and made me appreciate my life, the people in it, and the things I do!  

Here it goes: Visited Andy and Evolve for their birthday and  met Andy few times after for our special projects Won 2nd place in Festival of Globe (FOG) dance competition for my choreography of Galla Gudiya Numerous fun dance practices with just Khin as well as with our Dance Troupe (moreUpbeat) Watched a fe…