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Crystal Knows Me... Personality Aggregate

Came across this tool again.. Crystal Knows Me. I had heard about Crystal Knows Me from Sineesh when it was invite only and looked it up and just relooked up my profile today, and this thing is so dead on… The world gets creepier every day!
Honey Patel | San Francisco Bay
Honey is a direct communicator that makes decisions independently and objectively, often disregarding formality or existing standard
It comes naturally to you to... Enjoy argument and debateSay something bluntly that accidentally offends someoneFeel anxious about someone else making decisions on their behalfSpeak up to get everyone back on topic in a meeting
Honey is motivated by... Competition & winningSpeed & efficiencyGo into review modeChallengesAmbitious goalsKey words and phrases to use with you... Challenging questions"You should take the lead"Blunt language"That's incorrect.""ASAP"When speaking to you... Project boldness and confidence (even at the risk of sounding impolite)…

Dance Performance: Galla Gudiya at FOG Independence Day

We performed/competed “Galla Gudiya” at the FOG India Day Fair and won SECOND PLACE in Bollywood Adult category! It was really exciting to dance on this stage, compete, and then win second place! The energy of the dance speaks for itself (checkout video here).

The day was full of action packed dances of all age groups and categories! The dance is fun and upbeat, and so many people afterwards came to us and told us how amazing our energy was. 

Our first trophy sits in our dance floor with many more to come! 

Congratulations to our amazing dancers: Honey (choreographer), Ritu, Khin, Michelle, Neal, Vasu.