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Dance Performance: Ram Leela at Ladies Only Charity Event

On July 29, Michelle and I did a duet dance performance at a ladies only event to one of my favorite songs that I choreographed: Ram Chahe Leela Chahe. We had to learn it within a week because I was traveling for two weeks, but it turned out really well! 

We met a couple of celebrities from tv shows in India and we listened to the most amazing singers, including the lady that sang Ambar Sariya. She was just spectacular. 

I love the outfit I selected for this dance with the yellow and black skirt with a slit, scarf to match and a black short blouse! Fun stuff!

Speaking Your Mind Confidently

I have always enjoyed writing, which started as part of my undergrad intern job as Communications Coordinator. I use to write articles for the quarterly newspaper. 

Recently published this article for LeanIn: