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Dance Performance: Bollywood at Delhi Haat Festival

We opened the show at Delhi Haat (June 18) in Cupertino at De Anza College with Resham Ka Rumal! It was a lot of fun to dance to this with full indian choli and very traditional folk dance. 

On that day, we also did Laung Gawacha, Galla Gudiya, and Udi Teri!  

Dance Performance: Latin Fusion, Punjabi Mix, and Bollywood Mix at India Spring Day and Dhoom Band

The title of this post should have been 'My Dance Day' because on June 11, 2016 I did 8 (yes, EIGHT) dance performances in one day at two separate events/venues.
India Spring Day was something we have been planning for a while. We were going to do some new songs, but when we went to audition, we showed them what we had been working hard on: Udi Teri and Sholon SI. They really likes the songs, colors, and the fusion aspect of it, so they requested that we perform those two songs on India Spring Day.
My day started with prepping for this long day, then driving to the city to do these two performances in San Francisco Union Square around 1:30 pm. There were probably 500+ in the audience and it was a beautiful sunny day. In fact, too sunny because the dance floor was burning hot. We performed Udi Teri and Sholon Si, and then quickly wrapped up to migrate to Foster City for our second event.
We reached Foster City at like 4, and had 2 sets of performances here. One at 4:30 which wa…

Dance Performance: Chittyaan Kaliyaan and Kar Gayi Chul at Summer Fashion Show and Antakshari Event

We were invited to dance at this Summer Fashion Show in Pleasanton on May 21, 2016. This was the first time we did Chityaan Kaliyaan performance. I had just recently heard this song, and decided I wanted to dance to it, so it was next in my line up to choreograph. First, only Khin and I were going to do a duet, but then we decided to expand it to  more girls, so we had 4-5 dancers for this song. Besides the timing of the show and dance, it was really fun to dance to this with a mix of Bollywood and hip hop.

Another dance we were going to do at the Summer Fashion show was Kar Gayi Chul. I love this song and I made it very hip hoppy. Since we were tight on timing, we decided to skip this song for Summer Fashion show and did it the first time at the Antakshari Event. This is one of my best choreography thus far, and everyone loves the song, the dance moves, and our energy when we dance to it.