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Dance Performance: Bang Bang Hip Hop Dance at Fiji International Day Fundraiser

For Fiji International Day Fundraiser on April 8, 2016 we decided to do a fusion of international dances in one long performance. Ritu took up Jazz, Nitya traditional belly dancing, Pat indian belly dancing, and Eugenia did Chutney Soca. I picked what was close to my heart: hip hop. 

I am not munch into doing solos, so I asked Laarni, my favorite zumba instructor, to join me, and she has been dancing for a long time and is really good, so got excited and joined. 

We decided to dance to 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J, Nicki Manaj, and Ariana Grande. We practiced every Tuesday and Saturday for a 2 min performance and had a lot of fun with it. Finally, we performed at the event and had loads of fun with it.