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Looking Back, and Looking Ahead!

I always come across articles and such that talk about using early mornings for being productive and a good time to journal, so here is my December 2016 reflections!   See and celebrate success in little things you do everything, and all those little things add up to big results.
But first, today’s semi-success story! I got a bad case of flu in September, so I thought I was done for season, but last night with body fever and aches all night, also kicked off the cold tickle in my throat. I have been wide awake since 3 am. Usually, that means twisting and turning, and frustration, and trying to sleep, etc. etc., but instead I used another piece of great advice I have learned in these articles. If you can’t fall asleep in the usual time that you fall asleep in, get out of bed and try again later. So at 3:45 am, I got out of bed. I did some reading, did some around the house errands, drank emergenc, drank salt water, ate breakfast, took dayquil. Tried to sleep, but couldn’t in 15-20 mins, s…


This has been a sad week. One of the worst weeks this year with so much turmoil in the country I live in, in my life with relationships and what people are going through, and a bit at work. It began on Friday, and since Sunday I have felt depressed, sad, and defeated. When it rains, it pours!
It took me a good four days to realize that, as always in times like this, you have to be grateful for what you have, let go of what you can't control, and be hopeful and active about things you can control.  
I am so grateful for the people in my life who see my sadness on my face or in my voice, and shower me with words of encouragement, care, love, and including sending me flowers. I appreciate that so much because it's the little things that count. 
There are so many things that I can't control like how the presidential election unfolded and how badly certain people treat you, but you put up with it cause you have to. And you give when you don't want to or when it's divisiv…

November 9 2016

This is a very sad day for America. I don't have to cover the facts because you already know, we have elected Donald Trump to be our president. 
I voted by mail couple weeks ago, and at around 4 PM PST, I started watching the election polls and results freaking about the whole time and hoping it was going to turn around. This lasted from 4 pm to midnight. I went home and sat on couch and just watched the election coverage literally praying that it would turn around, but it didn't. The moment I brought my pillow and blanket to couch to start falling asleep while watching the news, they announced Trump was taking stage, and a second letter I get a text that Hillary conceded. 
I, with all of America, is shocked at the results and how this came out. It felt like a wake all night and the all day today.  However, people have not lost hope. I have seen a lot of feeds, messages, conversations, notes, etc. about #notleaving and continuing to respect, love, and keep going. Love will …

San Francisco Elevator Pitch

This week, I went to my first pitch event. It was very fascinating, and I really enjoyed my time. 
I found it on EventBrite, and immediately signed up to go after I came from San Diego to check it out!
The way it works is that there are 10 people who sign up ahead of time to do a pitch as if they were asking for investment, and the panel gives them feedback on the pitch to help them improve for when they actual go pitch to real investors.
The hardest part is that the pitch can only be 2 mins, and there is a lot of content to squeeze in 2 mins, and you have to choose words very carefully to cover all your points and not leave your audience confused. After that, the panel asks a few questions, and finally each person on panel provides feedback and score on scale of 1-5. 
Here were the pitches on 11/1 Adventures in Common, GlennFriendFinds, GregGiveYa, EugeneGoCarrot, TonyIrisVision, AmmadneoEyed, AlessioPacer Automated Solutions, KarlWatchbox, DavidWaveSolar, ColinTripTop, Basil

Other tha…

San Diego - Travel Diaries

Sunday evening (10/30), this Hispanic waiter brings me my delicious Indian food I have been waiting for, and as he is putting the food on the table, he says, "Who is making your wait?". I smile, and I say "no one".  You see, I was sitting alone at Royal India in Gaslamp Quarter (Downtown) San Diego. In fact, I didn't wait for anyone that entire weekend because I was traveling solo to San Diego to relax, to rejuvenate, to enjoy, to be in solitude!
For almost a year, I have had the itch to go to San Diego. I have been there before, but I really wanted to go back. For a while, I tried to coordinate with my friends for a weekend or holiday visit, but it never worked out. One day, I decided that I would just do a solo trip and it worked out with work as well. I have been spending so much time doing a lot of things (Dance, LeanIn, Work, friend's birthday, friend's baby shower, this that, etc.) and I just wanted to take  break. I was thrilled to have this week…

Past, Present, Future

I do a lot, and I love it!  I believe in planning, and therefore I am not waiting till end of December / beginning of January to reflect on my year and build a new year's resolution. And today is the perfect time, cause I am doing one of the first things on my ‘Things I am going to do list...”, which is doing a solo trip to San Diego this weekend.
In the last two days, I have had this feeling that 2017 is going to be a spectacular year! I said it to my mom, and to my girlfriends over dinner last night. I have strong intuition, and I have a really good feeling about this coming year.
Just looking back, in 2015 I had a few major highlights: Started my Covisint role Zumba and UJam Instructor WorkshopProfessional Piano LessonsBought a motel for my mother in Boise 
The things in 2015 were a launch pad for amazing 2016: Year started in Europe Joined LeanIn in JanuaryJoined moreUpbeat Dance Troupe as a dancer and choreographer in FebruaryDid the Saroj Khan workshop, which was amazing  Start…

15 Things in 3 Days

Last time, I just wrote down a list of good things that happened or I did was so enlightening, so I thought I would do it again. For me, this is a form of gratitude and appreciation, which results in feeling happy! This encompasses three greats days: Friday - Sunday! On Friday, had my boss' staff meeting at 8 am, which meant waking up at 5:30, leaving by 6:30, to be at work by 7:30. I love the feeling of being ready to tackle the day super early in morning!After that, my staff meeting was in the afternoon, and it was one of the best ones because I create a specific agenda for each one of my direct reports to present something to the group which resulted in an engaging discussion (Training: new course PMO/BO: GTM process TP: Developer Tools UX: High-end Mockups for Unified Platform) and followed by a funny YouTube contest - 90 mins well spent!Got this great concept and then decided to go have drinks with coworkers.Watched Accountant to kill time between clubbing at the amazing Bloom…

Rise and Slay... A Success Story

Writing is therapeutic for me, hence the blog, but today I am going to a little bit deeper. I had a good weekend. I usually know good because in my head I say to myself multiple times that ‘oh, that was a good weekend’. 
Friday night, we celebrated a friend’s birthday and a wine bar in Livermore, it was really nice! Saturday morning I cleaned the whole house. My house is never messy per say, but I can get OCD, so I have to make sure dishes are done, counters are clear, clothes are organized, etc. And then a friend came to visit and we watched dog videos on YouTube and took Pepper for a walk. After that I got ready for the FOG Diwali Dance competition, and we performed Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai with dance troupe and we won second place! Saturday night, I made myself a nice meal and watched a Bollywood movie at home and slept. 
Sunday morning, we had a dress rehearsal for the DreamGetters (I’ll tell you about this later), which took over three hours, but it was very productive and I got to …

Dance Performance: FOG Diwali Festival

On Saturday, we did another dance performance with FOG, where we competed in the adult category. Again, we got second prize for our upbeat and masala dance: Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai! 

I saw this move in Miami and didn't really much think of the dance before, but then my co-worker that week was like omg, that totally is a song you can dance on, you should do it, and it finally got stuck in my head, so I decided that we would dance to that song, and then we just concluded to just use it for this competition. 

It took some time to choreograph it for me, but it turned out pretty well with a good combination of hip hop and bollywood style. We didn't get a LOT of time to practice it, and unlike Galla Gudiya (2nd place in FOG Independence Day), we performed this dance for the first time on stage. Galla Gudiya was performed three times prior to using it for competition, so I am pretty excited by this award. The dancers worked hard, and we had a lot of fun with it! 

Dance Performance: Durga Pooja

This Sunday, we performed the ultimate Bollywood song that all Bollywood dancers aspire to, which was originally danced by the two dancing queens of Bollywood: Aishwariya and Madhuri. Dola Re Dola from Devdas (one of my favorite movies). 

We were invited to perform at WomensNow Durga Pooja Event, and first we said no, and then they came back and asked us to perform, so we decided to do it and we had very little time. 
Since it was Durga Pooja, we thought the best song to dance to would be  Dola Re Dola, so in midst of practicing Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai for FOG Diwali Competition, we decided to take on this song.  First, we thought we would just use Ritu's previous choreography from another Dance Company, but then I really wanted to change parts of the song edits and the songs a bit, so we infused some of Dance Company choreography and added in a lot of moves I picked up from the actual music video of Dola Re Dola. 
We fully put the song together on Wednesday and practiced for 2.5 hou…

Investing In Self.. That Feeling... A Bucket List

Yesterday, I went home sick and was just not feeling well between the headaches and the bad flu I have been fighting for a week. 

I had a conversation with a friend that went something like this -- you'll recognize the feeling. 

"Want to go away for a while.. Get chance of pace.. New perspective... Need passion... And then you realize you can't cause you have responsibilities.. so gets frustrating and you feel stuck... and it's not even about money.. I am 27, I should enjoy life more.. Have done so much for others, managed so much at a young age, focusing on others all the time... I kind of have an itch to drop everything and just go travel (Friend was in complete agreement of the sentiment)" 
How many times have you had this feeling or have talked to someone who has has this feeling.. "I just need a break" and how many times have you seen a quote on instagram or pintrest or facebook echoing this? It's a rhetoric question, but the answer is way too man…