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Pomodoro Time Management Technique

On twitter, I came across Pomodoro Time Management technique, so I have been using it in my schedule in past couple of weeks. It’s been very effective in getting things done. At the beginning of the week, I usually block 6-8 Pomodoro’s in my schedule, so I don’t get sucked into endless meetings.
Here is the technique:   Choose a task Set at timer for 25 mins Work on that task without distractions (no email, no phone, no drive by convos) Repeat 3 times Take a 15 min break
This essentially takes up 90 mins, including breaks.
Resources and Credit: Pomodoro Technique
The Simple Technique to fit a 40 hour work week in 16 hours

Developing Empathy (Podcast Brief: Life Habits with Karel Vredenburg)

Three aspects of developing empathy: Authentic listening - listen to a person without distractions and summarize what they said to youNot being biased - read an opinion article that is opposite of your beliefs without being biased Connecting with the person as a whole - draw a circle and write do, think, do, say, for a specific person

Optimizing Happiness (Podcast Brief: Life Habits with Karel Vredenburg)

Six themes to optimizing happiness:

Buy experiences, not things Be kind to others; show gratitude and appreciation Hug someone; build strong relationships Smile Achieve a balance; allows you to enjoy the present Focus on your sense of purpose; the greater good

Resignation Stories (TI Speech Project 4 from Entertaining Speaker)

On September 27, I did a speech on my resignation stories. It was perfect because the title of the project was ‘A Dramatic Talk’, and the objectives of the speech were to develop an entertaining dramatic talk about an experience or incident and deliver it in an entertaining manner.

I basically walked through my 4 resignation stories:

VSS MonitoringEvolve Discovery Safeway Internet Brands Each one of them in a unique story...I had my reasons to leave, but I really lucky that in each one there was a lot of effort put in to ensure I stay with the company and reconsider my resignation, but I decided to move on and have built some pretty amazing relationships! To be continued...