The Sweet Spot - Business Operations, User Experience Design, and Learning & Development

Lately, work has been challenging just because the amount of work that needs to get done, and the lack of resources to all the work. The reason it's really challenging is because I care a lot of the growth and success of the company, and the impact I have as well as the results I drive working with the team.

I have a work plan with list of 100 things to do, and I have 3-5 big things in my mind that I constantly thinking about and focusing on. While I was commuting back from work yesterday (Friday night), I started thinking about some of my responsibilities, and I realized how fortune I am to own three functions that I love absolutely the most. I felt grateful for a few mins, and then it faded away as I was unwinding from my day, and just watching a good movie.

This afternoon, the same idea came back to me again:
I am in my sweet spot. I manage three functions (Business & Sales Operations, User Experience Design, and Learning & Development) that I am most passionate about, that aligns with abilities and values, and that will have huge impact on the business, the product, and the people. And this is in the most interesting industry that impacts businesses and consumers: Internet of Things.  
It makes me think how I got so lucky, but then I am reminded by one of my favorite quotes: 'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Everyone knows my education and career timeline: Bachelors in Communication and Psychology, Graphic Design, Marketing, Masters in Business Administration, End-to-end business management through 'Corporate Development', Communications and Change Management, Business Operations, to now Business Operations, User Experience Design, and Learning & Development. 

Managing or supporting every single function within a business has always excited me. Business Operations for me is the oil in the whole machine. You touch every function, and you are building synergies, processes, communications across the board. A lot of companies have departments that work in silos, and the beauty of Business Operations is that you get to break those silos down, and build a more transparent and effective organization. You are working with people at every level in the organization, although it's mostly leadership, and you pull the little details together to look at the big picture. Right now at Covisint, I have defined Business Operations with these key pillars: 1) strategic planning, 2) process and project management, 3) communications and change management, and 4) tools, metrics, and reporting. I am so excited to have a full team in place that will be integral to marketing, sales, product, engineering, partner and channel alliances, and customer success. This also includes Sales Operations which is a beast in of it self.

Design has always had a special place in my heart. Whether it was art (painting, photography), academic paper, to just general business communication using any medium. It's not just about pretty, it's about using design to covey a strong message or to make someone feel a certain way. User Experience Design is part science and part art. It's become the most critical piece of a any product, and it's about have your user feel a certain way through design. Internet of Things itself is about User Experience, so to build User Experience for the platform is exhilarating. We are using the standard User Experience process: plan, design, develop, and deploy. 

Since I was a child, education was very important to me. As I grew, I realized that it wasn't just education, it was the fact that I was learning and growing. Learning is a life long thing, and I truly believe that. Not a single day goes by when I don't think about what I have learned today, what can I learn or what can I teach someone. So, managing Learning & Development is so stimulating to me because it's responsibility is to develop the abilities, skills, and knowledge (ASK) for the employees at Covisint. The focus is the job responsibilities and industry best practices (competency) and skills like building effective presentation and management/leadership (behavior). 

Some days are challenging, and I just have to remind myself that my core job are three things that I am truly passionate about, in an exciting industry that impacts consumers, and for an amazing company with amazing people. 

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