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My First Cartoon in Theater (TI Speech Project 1 from EntertainingSpeaker)

Yesterday, I did a toastmaster speech after a while. I am now working towards by Advanced Communicator Bronze, which means I have to do 10 speeches. Each Advanced Manual is composed of 5 speeches, so I picked the following two manuals: Entertaining Speaker and Story Telling).
Usually, I write a comprehensive outline, and practice my speech multiple times, but this one was very impromptu. I woke up around 6 am and almost cancelled my speaking slot, but then decided to speak on a recent movie I watched: Inside Out. 
The goal was to entertain the audience by relating a personal experience and organize it in a way for maximum impact. It was 5-7 mins. 
Very rough outline I wrote morning of: Set the stage with what I did that day and how I decided to watch the movie... Talked about the characters and drew a picture of how the movie wad laid out Expressed appreciation for movie and asked everyone to go watch it (simple, but educational about how the human mind and our emotions works) Feedback: