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Grateful of My Career

Just reading some of my career related blog posts (linked below), and thinking back at how wonderful and lucky my career has been. I have learned so much, changed who I am, and built amazing relationships with people. I am so proud of myself, and excited about how much potential I have in the coming years. 
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New Chapter in Career - Covisint

I recently joined Covisint. This is my fifth job in Bay Area, and I am super excited about my role at Covisint. 
The job market has picked up so much, and as soon as I went full speed in looking for another job, I found multiple options within matter of weeks. I had multiple offers, and was rejecting interviews at one point to focus on what I really wanted.
After considering multiple options, I decided to join Covisint, and one of the best parts is that it's located in the heart of downtown. Amazingly, only two blocks from Evolve Discovery, where I spent three plus years of my life. I know the area very well, San Francisco downtown has this energy and feel that is composed of ambition, excitement, and innovation.
Here, I have a three pronged role: Business Operations, Technical Publications, and User Experience Design. I am excited to build out a team with managers/leads for each of these functions and a team underneath them. The business operations role is being the process glue be…