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Creative Meeting Names

I was looking for creative meeting titles, and I came across this awesome resource that provides 127 themes and concepts. Excited to incorporate these meeting names! 
1.     A World of Opportunities 2.     A Whole New World 3.     A Celebration of Success 4.     A Spectrum of Opportunities 5.     Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now 6.     All Systems Go 7.     Anything is Possible 8.     Back to the Future 9.     Back On Top 10.   Becoming Agents of Change 11.    Be Extraordinary 12.    Beat (name of biggest competitor) 13.   Better and Consistent 14.   Beyond All Limits 15.   Board Break Experience at the event! 16.   Breakthrough To Excellence 17.   Breaking Barriers 18.   Breaking Down Barriers 19.   Breaking Out of Your Shell 20.  Breakthrough Performance 21.   Breakthrough To Excellence 22.   Building on the Best 23.   Building for the Future 24.   California Dreamin’ (Tie into the location) 25.   Commitment to Excellence 26.   Creating Customer Connections 27.   Creating Connections-Building Bridges…Together 28.    C…

My CrystalKnows

Sineesh showed me this cool (borderline spooky) website that analyzes your digital presence and creates a personality report for you (predictive analysis). The company is doing it in beta version and you can only sign up with an invite. It’s more geared towards sales people, so they have better insight of who they are trying to sell to. 
Here is my report and their accuracy confidence is only 40%: Honey is enthusiastic, decisive, prefers casual conversation, and feels uncomfortable about giving up control. When speaking to Honey... Project boldness and confidence (even at the risk of sounding impolite) Stick to the big picture Don't expect to lead the conversation Don't take time to earn trust before making your point When emailing Honey... Write 3 sentences or less Write with short, casual language and abbreviations Don't provide lots of detailed information and instructions Don't use a formal greeting and closing When working with Honey... Surprise them to get their at…