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Don't Walk... Dance

About a year ago, I wrote about how dancing has been a fragmented part of my life. I concluded the post with:
My goal is to continue taking Zumba classes, and eventually become a Zumba dance instructor. After I have picked up on the rhythm of dancing, I plan to join a dance class / team with Mona Dance Company (or something similar), so I can further my passion for dancing. I am committed to not taking any more breaks in dancing, and building on my dancing abilities.
Now, I am taking this to the next level. I have been taking Zumba dance classes 2-3 times a week for over a year now. I only miss Zumba if I am traveling or sick, and I have missed less than 5 times (according to my Google Calendar and my OCD for tracking everything) in the past year. When I miss a lesson, I feel angst physically and mentally. Zumba has become a very integral part of my overall well being.  
Few months ago, I started leading some songs in the Zumba class. The instructor is very supportive, and is always rec…