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12 Pieces Of Valuable Life Advice From The Greatest Commencement Speeches Of All Time

J.K. Rowling said that you must not fear failure, no matter how grim things get.Steve Jobs told graduates they must never settle.Conan O'Brien said that you must be willing to adapt to change and adjust your dreams.Robert Krulwich told graduates that they should not wait for opportunities to be handed to them.Oprah Winfrey said that you must learn to trust yourself.David Foster Wallace told graduates to never forget that they are part of a much greater existence.Stephen Colbert said that life is an improvisation, not something that can be figured out.Sheryl Sandberg told graduates to not over think it when life hands you an opportunity.Kurt Vonnegut told graduates that they must refrain from holding grudges.Ellen DeGeneres told graduates that true success is about being true to yourself.Neil Gaiman warned that success can be more dangerous than failure.Ann Patchett emphasized the importance of self-reflection.
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