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Dealing with Difficult Times

Over the years, I have become a lot less emotional than I use to be. Age may be a factor, but I think there are many other elements that contribute to this, including life experiences, choices, and circumstances. I have learned to let go, to constructively deal with situations, and to be resilient. The most important competencies I have developed are fortitude and resiliency.
I have been through a lot, and in good ways and bad, I have learned different lessons that contribute to who I am today. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit for what I have overcome, how much I have achieved, and the potential I have. I am a strong, independent, and hard working woman, and I have the motivation, ability, and discipline to do whatever I set my mind on.
Here are some things I consistently find myself doing when I am dealing with difficult times: Listening to Music: I absolutely love music. I put in my headphones and disappear in another world when I am listening to music. The music helps me…

The 2% Mindset