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5 Years in Bay Area

This month is officially my 5 year anniversary in Bay Area.
I love Bay Area. While I was living in Boise and Seattle, I visited Bay Area few times, and it instantly felt like home to me. I use to dream about how I would move to Bay Area, be a professional, live on my own, and enjoy life. Without a doubt, I have achieved that.
How I moved here is an interesting story. On Sunday, I drove down to Bay Area from Boise with Daena. The goal was to do a mini-vacation as well as some interviews, and we would drive back to Boise the following Sunday. That week, we did a lot of touristy stuff, and I had about 3-4 interviews that week.
On a Thursday, I had a phone interview for the marketing position with VSS Monitoring. On Friday, they called me in for an in person interview around 11 am. I interviewed with the Sr. Marketing Manager and the Controller since the CEO was not in office that day. I told them I was going back to Boise that weekend, and I would move to Bay Area if/when I got the job. 1…

Inspiration Within

For a quiet a while now, the Pintrest Quotes board has been my therapy for when I am feeling down, pain, hurt, or simply broken. Despite the priceless value of reading through quotes I have gathered on my Inspire: Quotes & Sayings board or in general, today I decided to look within and jot down some key learnigs:  Let your past influence you, but not define you. Be very selective in who you trust.Let time and patience do it's job. Everything happens for a reason, so do not dwell on yourself for anything. Be very comfortable walking away from things and people that bring you down.Let go.Eat and sleep peacefully. Don't get caught up in the little things. The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.Your health and happiness depends on you and nobody else.Be passion and do things full heatedly. Hard work and preservation are keys to success. Never run away from your responsibility.Keep things simple, but significant.Anything and everything can be learned. …