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Reflection - March 2014

This year started out very rough, but I am finally feeling more comfortable with my routine and things I have going on right now. 

Big 25: I celebrated my 25th birthday the following Monday on March 7, 2014. I spent the day in the city, walked around, ate my favorite food, and truly just relaxed and enjoyed the day. For early lunch, I had Garlic Noodles from Perillas. For late lunch, I had Umbria: Penne Arabiatta and the Coffee Ice Cream Amaretto dessert / drink. For dinner, I had my favorite Indian food in Mountain View: Amber Dhara. 
Internet Brands: I started my new job as Director of Operations, Hosting at Internet Brands. This is a very exciting opportunity and I am working on a lot of fun, and challenging things: building and running the hosting operations. This is much more aligned with my skill set and my career goals and ambitions.
Toastmasters International: I joined a toastmasters club in Fremont that I attend every Saturday morning. I am so glad I found this club, I am workin…

Greeting Cards (TI Speech Project 2 from CC)

I did my second speech from the Competent Communicator Manual. At first, I was having a difficult time finding topics, but I I realized I should just talk about things I love, so I did this speech on Greeting Cards.

Competent Communicator Project #2 Organize Your Speech Organize your thoughts into logical sequence leading to a clearly defined goal. Build a speech with a distinct opening, body, and close. 5-7 Minutes 

American Greeting Association shows that the greeting cards is a $7-8 Billion industry. What are greeting cards? Greeting cards are a tool of expression and a tool to show affection to communicate important feelings. 


Greeting cards date back to ancient Chinese when people use to exchange messages of good will to celebrate new years. At New Years, I write myself a note about the past year, major milestones, what I am looking forward to, and essentials messages of good will to myself. Read last lines of the 2013 and 2014 greeting cards 
Book of Greeting Cards 


Keep Moving Forward (TI Speech Project 1 from CC)

I did my first speech for toastmasters yesterday, which is the first project from the Competent Communicator Manual. You are given the topic for this one, and it's about 'You!', so it should be very simple since you know yourself best and all you have to do is tell people who you are. 
I was the first one to speak, and I got the best speaker award for that meeting. I was very excited, nervous.. as usual. I had a great supportive audience, and was pretty happy with how it turned out. The main feedback was: 1) have a stronger opening 2) plant yourself in the middle rather than walking back and forth 3) watch gestures 4) well structured outline 5) clear messages and chronological that was easy to follow 6) good usage of words
Competent Communicator Project #1 Icebreaker Get started by talking on a subject about which you are the expert (YOU): introduce yourself to the club. Find out what communication skills you want to develop. 4-6 Minutes

Brief History
Honey - My mom named me &…

Toastmasters Journey Towards DTM

I officially joined toastmasters nearly three weeks ago, and my goal is to complete become a Distinguished Toastmasters Award (DTM). I am very excited to start my toastmasters journey to do all the projects, achieve the different awards, and meet great people along the way. Here are the requirements for achieving the DTM award.

The Communications Track Competent Communicator (CC) Complete the ten projects from the Competent Communicator Manual
Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) Complete Competent Communicator ManualComplete two additional manuals (10 projects) from the Advanced Communication Series
Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) Complete Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator BronzeComplete two additional manuals (10 projects) from the Advanced Communication SeriesConduct any two presentations from The Better Speakers Series and / or The Successful Club Series
Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) Complete Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator Bronze, and Silver Comple…

New Chapter in Career - Internet Brands

I recently joined Internet Brands to manage the hosting operations Internet Brands is headquartered in El Segundo, CA, but they have a divisional office Pleasanton, CA, which is only a mile away from Safeway (where I just left). Usually, I am excited to have a change in my route to work everyday, but this route stays the same. I don’t mind it since it’s reverse drive on 680, so it only take 20-25 minutes to and from work.  I am excited to build a new platform and launch it within a few months, and build the hosting business.
I have a two pronged role: 1) build a new proprietary SMB hosting platform and 2) migrate hosting customers from LexisNexis to manage all their service and billing needs.
This role is exciting because I get to manage the hosting operations end-to-end, which includes product development, marketing & sales, services provisioning & fulfillment, technical and customer support, and billing.

Toastmasters International

I went to my first toastmaster meeting yesterday, and decided to join ‘Fantastic Toastmaster’ in Fremont, CA. I had such a great experience. It was an atypical meeting this time because there were two contests that were being conducted: 1) International Speech Contest 2) Table Topics Contest.
International Speech Contest – there were four speeches, and the winner would go to the area contest, then district, then division and so on…then all the way to the ‘International Contest’. I heard four amazing speeches that were very insightful and inspirational. 1) Random Act of Kindness – this speech was based on the quote ‘Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love’ by Mother Teresa. He talked about her background and what she did, and tied it back to ‘random act of kindness’ he experienced in Oakland downtown. 2) My College Education – this speech was about a guy who spent a lot of time working on his engineering degree, but felt something was missing. He…