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Sanjay Leela Bhansali - My Favorite Hindi Movie Director

Last night, I got home around 10 and decided to clean up a little bit and then put on a Hindi movie. I picked Goliyon Ki Raaslella Ram-Leela. I didn't look at the Director's name of the movie, but as I started watching it, I kept thinking that it was Directed by one of my favorite Directors. I watched a little bit, and fell asleep and continued watching it this morning. The whole time, I kept thinking that it was by my favorite Director, and kept thinking of all the other movies he has made, all which I love, and that there was so much resemblance to this movie. Finally, I looked it up, and of course this movie was Directed by him, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He directed my all time favorite Hindi movie: Devdas.

The bottom line about his movies is: they never have a happy ending! His movies are realistic, and it's never a matter of everything worked out well in that story. The scenery in his movies is colorful, beautiful, and amazing. His story line is unpredictable, and emoti…

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

Yesterday, I went out to dinner with couple of friends to celebrate someone’s birthday at By’ The’ Bucket’ in San Jose / Santa Clara area; a day after I decide to invest in painting again.

I excuse myself to use to ladies room that is in two portions: a small room before entering into the actual restroom area. As soon as I walk in, I see a painting made by the same artist as my all-time favorite painting. 

I think to myself, "Oh wow, I know who made that painting, same guy that made my favorite painting, I wonder if my favorite painting is hanging through this next door." Of course, as soon I walk through the second door, there it is – my favorite painting.

The Singing Butler Jack Vettriano 28 x 36 inches Oil-on-canvas painting 1992 Best-selling art print in the UK
For a final video project in my undergrad, I made a video relating to this painting. It’s me checking out paintings in a museum, and I see this one specific painting that catches my eye. I start staring at this painting, …

Painting: Colorful Ying Yang – Chaos vs. Order

Over this last three day weekend, I was cleaning out my closet I found all my painting materials (Acrylic paint, paint brushes, etc.). Later that day, I went to the store and bought bunch of canvases and painting materials, so I can start painting again.
Thinking back, I have made quite a few random paintings, but there is one that had the most value and meaning to me: Colorful Ying Yang – Chaos vs. Order. I made this painting in July 2009 as part of an Art Class I was taking at Academy of Art University.
Here is the overview that was submitted as part of the project: This painting represents Nietzsche's Apollonian vs. Dionysian philosophy. Dionysian is impulses expressing the body. The Dionysian characterizes as wild, irrational, ecstatic, unconscious, instinctual, and celebrates emotions and intuition. The Apollonian is impulses expressing the mind. The characterizations of Apollonian includes order, rationality, normality, consciousness, control, and it celebrates careful thoug…


I am not a very religious person. I do believe there is a higher power and entity, but there is no one I worship or name to be the above all deity. They closet set of religious beliefs I connect most strongly with comes from Buddhism. I don’t practice Buddhism by any means, but the Buddhism concepts make the most sense to me, and there are a lot of quotes that come from Dali Lama and The Buddha that I try to incorporate in my life.I bought one Buddha piece from Seattle that I keep on my desk.

Quick Overview on Buddhism Concepts
Three Marks of Existence Pain: pain and frustration has to do with our relationship with the “world out there” Impermanence: everything is constantly changing Egolessness: attaching ourselves impermanent things
The Four Noble Truths Life is frustrating and painful Suffering has a cause Cause of suffering can be ended The way, or path to end the cause of suffering – mindful awareness
The Five Skandhas: A collection of mental events classified into five categories, called …

Valentine’s Day

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, and I don’t recall the last time I really celebrated it. In the simplest form, here is my cynical view on Valentine’s Day: love should be celebrated and appreciated every day, not on one specific day that Hallmark has designated to be a so called ‘holiday’. Also, this day is more about misery and heart breaks rather than love.  
This year, at least six strangers wished me ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, and at the end of the day, I could not sleep knowing that strangers had took a few seconds to wish me Valentine’s Day, but I had not wished anyone ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, especially people I love.  I don’t believe in or have these romantic fantasies concept of love. I recently said this to someone: “I believe in being there for each other; giving: support, thought, encouragement, love and care; compromising and sacrificing; companionship; and being happy on a day-to-day basis.”
Love is unexplainable and should be celebrated, so here is my Valentine’s Day …