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The Permanent Ink

Growing up, I would have never imagined myself as someone who would get tattoos. Those things are permanent, and there is a lot of judgement and assumptions made from them. Little did I know myself, at age 24 (almost 25), I have three tattoos:
1) Single Red Rose with Thorns | Right Ankle | June 2007 This tattoo was more of fashion statement,  but it signifies passion and beauty with pain. I had found a quote long time ago that relates directly to this: "If you enjoy the fragrance and beauty of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears."
2) Turquoise Butterfly | Left Shoulder | February 12, 2010 I have the strongest connection to this tattoo. I moved to Bay Area is July 2008 and started a completely new chapter of my life on my own. For me, the butterfly symbolizes transformation, overcoming change, and enjoying and embracing the beauty of life. Butterflies are delicate, but extremely strong and have gone through a lot in a very short time period. This relates very closel…

Happy New Year 2014

Happy 2014 – Time flies. New Years is definitely my favorite holiday of the year… it’s all about new beginnings and looking forward to celebrating the coming days, weeks, and months. Last year, I started a tradition of writing and giving myself a greeting card for the New Years. I go buy myself a greeting card from Papyrus in the last week of December or early January, and write myself a nice note that includes a reflection from past year, some key learnings, and some forward looking thoughts. 
Key points from this year: §Don’t get caught up in little things in life§Patience and time do their job well, let them!§Your relationship with yourself is the most important one§Be passionate, be happy, and enjoy life’s every moment§Your health and happiness depends on you, not anyone else