Dance Performance: Latin Hip Hop Fusion & Belly Dance Hip Hop Fusion (Dance Videos from College)

I try not to have too many regrets, but I regret not doing all the dance courses to fulfill a dance minor during my undergraduate. I am still proud of doing my Bachelor's degree in only two years, but some extra hours with dance courses could have led to a dance minor. 

However, I did take a few classes, and of the classes was very interesting. You learn dance technique and movements, and theory, but most of the class is every student choreographing a song, and then we had a student show at the end of semester to showcase all the student dances. It was free for all on type of dance, song, costume, etc. It was a full stage production that included lighting and doing the show three times between Friday night and Saturday. 

For my piece, I did a combination of salsa and hip hop with 6 people. The song kept going back and forth from salsa and hip hop and I called it 'Mosaic'. Check it out below. 

My classmate did something similar with it starting with hip hop, and then leading into modern belly dance. 

It was a lot of fun and I would love to do something like this again. 

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