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Writing objective statements is very critical in business. For most projects and tasks I work on, I always start with one of the following: 
1) Overview 
2) Summary 
3) Objective 
4) Goal 

This helps me set an outlook for the project or task, and makes it easier to be strategic and develop a plan. Here are some key things I researched about writing objective statements: 

Goal: A statement that describes in broad terms what you are going to achieve 

Objective: A statement in specific and measurable terms that describes what you intend to achieve 

Objective Elements: 
1) statement of conditions 
2) designation of who is performing the activity 
 3) use action verbs that indicate observable activity 
4) specification of deliverable (outcome) 
5) specification of standard or criterion for expected and acceptable performance 

Time Bound 

KISS - Keep it simple, specific 

Who? What? Under what circumstance? How will it be measured? 

Purpose: scope and quality …

Mindset and Constant Reinvention

1) Mindset - you have to have the mindset to believe that you can do something 
2) Constant Reinvention - companies and individuals go through constant reinvention to stay competitive

New Chapter in Career - Safeway

One of my goals for my career was to work for a large (Fortune 100) corporation in Bay Area. As I was leaving Evolve, I decided to look for positions at large corporations, and I landed a position at Safeway. 

Safeway is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA (where I work) and is a Fortune 100 retail company -- ranked #62 in the 2013 Fortune 100 list. I never thought I would work for a retail company, I am into technology based venues. Fortunately, my role is dedicated to the IT department at Safeway (+1400 strong), which covers my technology requirement. 

Every other person I meet at Safeway has been working there for 10,20,30.. years at all levels. A lot of senior management / leaders started off as clerks in the store and moved their way up. It's very comforting to know that people love the company so much to stay there for a long time. 

I joined as part of the Corporate Communications group. The Corporate Communications consists of of multiple teams, and I am the dedicated IT Communica…