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Interviewing Candidates - Key Questions

As part of my job, I have become an interviewer for a lot of positions at my company. Sometimes I do the first interview and other times, I come in during the second phase of the interview process.

As I have interviewed more and more people, I have developed some key questions that are outside of the standard questions. Standard questions meaning: background, why interested in position, why left old job, strengths, weaknesses, 5 year plan, etc.

Here are my two key questions that impact my decision to move forward with candidate or not:

1) Given that you were being paid what you wanted, what would be your ideal job?
I ask this question because that tells me quiet a bit about a person. For me, if your ideal job is to design clothing, then why are you not doing it? Usually, if the person says there ideal job is somewhere align the lines of what they are applying for, it gives a good feeling that they are where they WANT to be.

2) What is your definition of stress and how do you handle stress?