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Day 7: Get the Edge - The Purpose of Life

Your Purpose in Life 
does not changeis eternal is available to you each and every moment  Three Decisions Shape Your Life 
Decide what to focus on: determines how you feel, think and contributeDecide what things mean: you cannot control events, but you can control what they mean to you Decide what you will do when something happens: delays are not denials Discover the Sources of Pain 
What unique thing is happening when I feel this painWhat recent thing happens about the same time I feel the pain What consistent factor is present when I experience the pain Why Some People Don't Win the Game of Life 
They don't know the purpose of the gameEven though they don't know the purpose, they have rules for themselves and everyone else about how the game must be played Their rules are in conflict Even though they play by the rules, they don't win Sometime they get rewarded for breaking the rules They have to work with other people who all have the wrong rules They think its a life-…

Day 6: Get the Edge - Financial Freedom

Does this really work?

The Value of Stocks 

Sir John Templeton's Strategy: "Three Bucket" Asset Allocation 

Why people fail to become wealthy 

How to be wealthy right now 

Day 5: Get the Edge - The Power of Emotions

Emotions are signals callings us to action. 

10 Action Signal and Messages 
1) Uncomfortable
2) Fearful
3) Hurt
4) Anger
5) Frustrated
6) Disappointed
7) Guilty or Regretful
8) Inadequate
9) Overwhelmed / Depressed
10) Lonely

Six Steps to Mastering Emotions 
1) Identify the emotion and appreciate the message 
2) Clarify 
3) Ger curious and ask questions 
4) Get confident 
5) Get certain 
6) Get excited and take action 

10 Power Emotions 1) Love and Warmth
2) Appreciation and Gratitude
3) Curiosity
4) Excitement and Passion
5) Determination
6) Flexibility
7) Confidence
8) Cheerfulness
9) Vitality
10) Contribution

Day 4: Get the Edge - Pure Energy

The Key to Strong, Healthy and Vital Life 

The Cycle of Imbalance 

The Cycle of Balance 

Creating a Healthy / Vital / Life 

Day 3: Get the Edge - The Power of Relationships, Challenges

To be continued...

Day 2: Get the Edge - The Power of Relationships, Passion, Connection and Love

Identify the Gap Between Where you Are and Where you Want to be

Secret to handling Upsets 

Ultimate Love

Key to Outstanding Relationships

Day 1: Get the Edge - Results Workshop

Why People Don't Change 

The Pressure Cookers 

7 Steps to Conscious Change

Day 7: Personal Power - The Rapid Planning Method / Chunking

RPM will help with two things: 
1)Deciding in advance what you want to focus on
2)Get yourself to focus every single day on what it will take for you the get the results you’re really after

RPM is results-driven, purpose-focused, massive action plan that consists of three simple questions: 
1)Results: What do I really want? What is my outcome? What specific result am I committed to achieving?
2)Purpose: Why do I really want it? What is my purpose?
3)MAP: What specific actions must I take to make this happen?

•Grouping information together into ideally sized pieces that can be used effectively to produce the result you want without stress or overwhelm
•Simplest chunking is in groups of three

Day 6: Personal Power - The Driving Forces

Four Classes of Experience

1)Class 1 – peak life experiences

Feels goodIs good for you Is good for others Serves the greater good 2)Class 2 – most people avoid, but mastering them brings joy and fulfillment

Does not feel good Is good for you Is good for others Servers the greater good 
3)Class 3 – nonproductive; provide immediate pleasure, but eventually destroy our quality of life

Feels good Is not good for you Is not good for others Does not serve the greater good 
4)Class 4 – results from peer pressure and old belief systems

Does not feel good Is not good for you Is not good for others Does not serve the greater good 
The secret to happy and fulfilled life is learning to convert Class 2 experiences into Class 1.

6 Human Needs (paradoxical) 
4)Love / Connection

Day 5: Personal Power - The Goal Setting Workshop

Compelling goals contain two key components: 

1)Identify your goals: What do you want?
Something magical happens when you take generalized impulses of desire and start defining them more precisely.

2)Identify your purpose: Why do you want it? What will it give you?
Reasons come first, answers come second. When you get a big enough reason to accomplish something, you can figure out how to do it.

Day 4: Personal Power - The 3 Steps to Lasting Change

Three Steps
1)Get leverage on yourself: sometime must change, I must change it, I can change it.
2)Interrupt your current pattern or association: make a radical change to scramble your old pattern of thinking.
3)Condition a new empowering association: install a new choice and reinforce it until it is conditioned.

Any thought, emotion or behavior that is consistently reinforced will become a habit. Link pleasure to your new choice.

We cannot think in one way and act in another – Thomas Troward 

Day 3: Personal Power - The Power of Association

What drives us is our neuro-association – whatever pleasure and pain we associate to a situation in our nervous system is going to determine our behavior. 

If you want to change your life, you must change your neuro-associations.

NAC – Neuro-Associative Conditioning

To be continued…

Day 2: Personal Power - Pain and Pleasure

Everything we do in our lives is driven by fundamental need to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

We do more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure.

You must learn to control the motivating forces of pain and pleasure.

Your reality is based on what you focus on.

To change your behavior, you must focus your attention on:
1)How not changing your behavior will be more painful than changing it
2)How changing it will bring you measurable and immediate pleasure

You must change what you link pain and pleasure to in order to change your behavior.

Day 1: Personal Power - The Key to Personal Power

The ultimate success formula:
1.Know your outcome
2.Get yourself to take action by deciding to do so
3.Notice what you’re getting from your action
4.If what you’re doing is not working, change your approach

Biggest trap that keeps people from taking action is fear. The only way to face fear is to face it.

Session 3: Inner Strength – Your Personal Blueprint

The Three Forces That Control Your Life 
1)The Driving Force – 6 Human Needs 
d.Love and Connection

2)The Guiding Force – Map of Meaning and Action 
a.Belief system is like a map
b.We have map or rulebook in our unconscious mind that guides us on how to meet our needs and hit our targets

3)The Fuel of Choice – Habitual Emotions 
a.The emotions we live with on day to day control the quality of our life more than anything else

The Three P’s of Suffering 
1)You think your problem is permanent
2)You think your problem is pervasive
3)You think that the problem is personal

Session 2: Inner Strength – Your Hours of Power

The Key of Personal Transformation and Results 
1)State: how you feel in any given moment
2)Blueprint: your structure of beliefs and values

The Three Patterns that Create Any Emotion: The Triad 
1)Your Physiology: emotion is created by motion. What you are feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body
2)Your Focus and Your Beliefs: whatever you focus on is what you’re going to feel whether it’s true or not
3)Your Language: Questions – eliminate any habitual questions that do not serve you. Words – if you want to change your life, pay attention to the words you repeat to yourself. Certain words change that way you feel. Incantations – When you repeat a phrase with enough emotional intensity, you start to believe it.

Daily Habit 
1)Move and Breathe – 5 minutes
2)Get Grateful and Visualize – 10 minutes
3)Use Incantations and Exercise – 15-30 minutes

Session 1: Inner Strength - Decisions and Destiny

Three Pillars of Progress 
1)Get Focused: get focused and clear and make it compelling; clarify the results you desire in your life
2)Get the Best Strategies / Tools / Map / Coaching for Results
3)Get Into Action: Get integrated and get aligned

Resources vs. Resourcefulness
•Illusion: belief that we are lacking resources
•Real Problem: lack of resourcefulness (ultimate resource if human emotion)
•Change the fuel that drives the mind and you change the experience of anything you’re trying to accomplish

Two Master Lessons of Life
Gaining Ultimate Edge = the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment
Achievement:  going from where you are to where you want to go
Fulfillment: experiencing joy in the process

The Power of Decision
Emotional Fitness

The Ultimate Edge = Psychological Strength
Mental edge and focus that maximize who you are, what you’re capable of and what you get to enjoy out of life.

•Nothing changes without new action
•Every action is parented by a decision

“Once you make a decision, …