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Tony Robbins - The Ultimate Edge

The CEO of the company I work for is very into Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker. He bought me Tony Robbins’s Ultimate Edge Program to listen, utilize and grow myself. I have been religiously listening to this programs and incorporating it in my life.  The next few series of blogs will be about that my journey with Tony Robbins through the Ultimate Edge Program. 

Here is information about Tony Robbins – the Ultimate Edge:

Structure of the Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge Program 

Inner Strength 
Session 1: Decisions and Destiny: Understanding and Directing the Forces That Share Your Life 
Session 2: Your Hour of Power: The Key to Personal Transformation and Results 
Session 3: Your Personal Blueprint: The Ultimate Path to Pleasure and Pain 
Daily Magic: Your Ritual for Lasting Energy, Happiness and Success 

Personal Power Classic 
Day 1: The Key to Personal Power: Harnessing the Power of Decision 
Day 2: Pain and Pleasur…

Master of Business Administration (MBA 2011)

When I was in high-school and parts of undergrad school, I had  a very  disconnected feeling from the word "MBA". Little did I know , I dropped another Masters degree to pursue an MBA, which I achieved in 2011 from Golden Gate University.

Now, I can't imagine not being in a business environment and have a very strong passion for everything related to leading, managing, and growing a business.

Book: What Should I Do With My Life?

I am currently reading "What Should I Do With My Life?" by Po Bronson. I read this book few years back (high school or college) and I am reading it again. I truly believe that every time I read this book, I get a new perspective on life. This time, I will actually be writing about it as I didn't when I first read it.

Side story about the book: When I was returning from my business trip from LA to SF (May 24, 2012). I was reading this book at the airport while waiting to board and some guy walked up to me, handed me a bible and said, "Here is the answer the question of your book." He walked away without allowing me speak to him, but I managed to get him his bible back.

Here are my excerpts from the book:

"Fear is like a wound within our emotions. If you ignore the cut, it will get infected. But it will heal itself if you pay attention to it and give it time." (7)

"Some people are born into their passions. Some never get them and don't care..... I…