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High-Level Role

I currently work as the Director of Corporate Development at Evolve Discovery. I was hired on as the Associate Director of Marketing in 2010 and once I got my MBA and had extended my role to all different parts of the company, I got promoted to Director of Corporate Development. Evolve Discovery is a legal technology company with over 100 employees with multiple office location: San Francisco (HQ), Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and New York.  It’s a litigation support management and electronic discovery company servicing Fortune 500 companies and AMLaw 100 law firms.
There are a lot of different things I do; to a point that I have lost track of everything I am involved in. I am considered senior staff, thus I am supposed to jump in any department and assist / consult anywhere necessary, but here are departments that I am heavily involved in:
-Marketing: manage all aspects of marketing -Sales: revenue and activity reporting, forecasting / pipeline management and sale…