Identity - Revisited

In 2009, I wrote this blog on identity. I would like to revisit it today because I feel like there is a major change from what I had previously written: 

The blog topic was about identity and answering these questions: 

"What do you want to be known as, What do you want to be an expert at or be known for as a person, What is it that should make someone come to you for advice because you are the best in that field?"

In 2009, my answer consisted of Graphic Design, Dancer and Active Community Member. 

Today (2012), my answer is very different to the same question. It makes me think how much I have grown, learned, experienced and reached. More so, I have learned that it’s a big world out there and the possibilities and choices are endless. 

My answers today to these questions would be along the lines of being known as a business executive who can manage a business from inside out with focus on corporate strategy and development (M&A, Business Expansion / Growth, Organization Development and Management). 

I still enjoy graphic design, dancing and community, but these items are on my back burner. These are definitely not items I want to be “known for”, “expert in” or even “best in field”.

How it all changed? I started off working in Marketing at an IT company in Bay Area. At that company, I got exposure to other elements of business that I found exciting and fun. Instead of pursuing a Masters in Graphic Design (which I started), I decided to pursue Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a marketing focus.  After that, I started managing the Marketing Department for an eDsicovery company. While I was getting my MBA and finishing it, I got involved in strategy, operations and finance at the eDsicovery company that extended my passion for business strategy. Now, I want to be an expert in business strategy in the IT industry because I still have a passion for technology. I really enjoy the dynamic world of business (technology industry) and definitely want to be known as someone involved in all aspects of the business from a strategy standpoint. 

Currently, I am immersing myself in the world of business, while learning to be a true professional and expert. I am learning, experiencing and growing every day.  Here are the five books that I am trying to abide by right now are: 
Designed for Success ( 
7 Habits of Highly Effective People ( 
How to Win Friends and Influence People ( 
Career Survival Kit (March / April 2011 Blogs) 
• Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... and its all small stuff (

I still wonder sometimes on how my life / career has changed so much in less than 5 years. I can only imagine how much it will change in the coming years. 

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