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How to increase your profits

Increase RevenueIncrease Selling Prices Increase Selling PricesChange Special Deals.Lower Discounts Allowed.Revamp entire Price Structure.Prune Product/Service profile.Improve Product Mix Weed out loss-making products/departments.Concentrate efforts on high margin products/services.Invoicing Ensure all deliveries are invoiced.Check invoicing accuracy.
Reduce Variable CostsImprove Productivity Better Controls.Enhanced Incentives.Improve Training & Moral.Improve Yield Eliminate Waste.Introduce Quality Control.Improve Formulae & Mixes.Use Computer Controlled Devices.Reduce Direct Costs Substitute with Cheaper Materials.Improve Price Negotiating Performance.Use Volume Bargaining.Pool Purchases with associates.Challenge Price Increases.Spend to Save.Update & Change Methods.Ensure Greater Care & Clearer Instructions.Avoid Throwing Away Money.Employ Better Quality Staff.Subcontract if Cheaper.
Increasing Sales VolumesIncrease Marketing Activity.AdvertiseMake Special Of…