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Business Analysis Techniques/Tools

Political (Current and potential influences from political pressures)Economic (The local, national and world economy impact)Sociological (The ways in which a society can affect an organization)Technological (The effect of new and emerging technology)Legal (The effect of national and world legislation)Environmental (The local, national and world environmental issues)HEPTALYSIS
Market OpportunityProduct/SolutionExecution PlanFinancial EngineHuman CapitalPotential ReturnMargin of SafetyMOSTMission (where the business intends to go)Objectives (the key goals which will help achieve the mission)Strategies (options for moving forward)Tactics (how strategies are put into action)SWOT
Strengths - What are the advantages? What is currently done well? (e.g. key area of best-performing activities of your company)Weaknesses - What could be improved? What is done badly? (e.g. key area where you are performing poorly)Opportunities - What good opportunities face the organization? (e.g. key area w…