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Career Survival Kit

I am reading the Career Survival Kit, so rather than writing a blog when I am done with all three books within the Kit; I am going to break it down into multiple parts to really start digesting the materials.

The Rules of Work – Richard Templar Part 1 Walk your Talk 1.Get noticed by providing unsolicited report that benefits others

2.Get most of your done work by lunchtime to have afternoon free

3.Think carefully before volunteering

4.If other bosses think you are good, your boss has to go along with it

5.Under promise and over deliver; never deliver late or deliver short

6.Think about the big picture

7.Be dedicated, keen, ready, prepared, cautious and alert

8.Every time someone around you messes up, know all about it and learn from it

9.Enjoy what you do

10.Develop the right attitude; see policies from a higher point of view

11.It’s not about how you work, it’s about how you feel

12.Manage energy where it is needed

13.Never let anyone know you work hard

14.Keep your home life at home

Part II Kno…