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Top 20 Marketing Gurus

Here is Marketing Minds' list of the top 20 Marketing Gurus and the books and articles they have written.

These people are the most influential contributors to the field of marketing, sales and related strategy. Reflecting marketing's importance in business strategy, the list includes many of the greatest management thinkers of any type.

The Marketing Minds Top 20 Marketing Gurus list includes links to other websites which will help you to research these marketing thought-leaders a little further.

Where possible, we have also linked to the Marketing Guru's own websites and other contact information - in case your business might be interested in consulting with them.

Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler is Professor of Marketing at J.L.Kellog Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Illinois. Marketing thought leader for over three decades. Popularised the "4 Ps of marketing". Author of Marketing Management, The New Competition, Marketing Models,The Marketing of …

All Aspects of Industry

All Aspects of the Business/Organization identifies nine aspects that are common to any enterprise. Learners should gain experience and understanding of the associated concepts and skills to be successful.

1. Planning—How an organization plans (include goals and objectives), type of ownership (public, private), relationship of the organization to economic, political, and social contexts, assessment of needs.
• Strategic planning
• Goals/objectives
• Assessment

2. Management—Structure and process for effectively accomplishing the goals and operations of the organization using facilities, staff, resources, equipment, and materials.
• Organizational structure
• Corporate culture
• Mission statement

3. Finance—Accounting and financial decision-making process, method of acquiring capital to operate, management of financial operations including payroll.
• Capital acquisitions
• Financial operations

4. Technical and Production Skills—Basic skills in math, communications, computer, time manag…

Marketing Skill Set

1. To strengthen your ability to think well. Businesses expect that a college graduate can think well. At all times you are expected to think clearly, logically, creatively and ethically about business (in general) and marketing (in particular).

2. To strengthen your ability to make decisions. Decision-making skills are always in demand in business. Throughout the course you are expected to apply decision-making skills to the analysis and solution of marketing problems.

3. To strengthen your ability to speak and to write. Good speaking and writing skills are essential to the career advancement of business people. You will have ample opportunity to practice communicating marketing ideas through presentation of oral and written marketing strategies.

4. To strengthen your ability to apply your marketing knowledge and skills. Businesses expect that a marketing college graduate can apply the marketing knowledge and skills learned in college to real situations. Throughout this course you w…

Top 200 Bay Area Companies

Marketing Skeleton

Basics and Planning

Basics of Marketing
Market Planning

Inbound Marketing

Marketing Research (tools & methods to examine markets, their needs, competitors, etc.)
Competitive Analysis
Positioning (including writing your positioning statement)
Naming and Branding

Outbound Marketing

Advertising and Promotions
Public and Media Relations
Customer Service
Customer Satisfaction
Social Networking


Account Manager
Vendor representative in charge of specific customers or partners.
A website that will drive traffic to another site for a percentage of sales.
Affinity Marketing
Marketing targeted at individuals sharing common interests related to a product. Also, a campaign jointly sponsored different
Characteristic, peculiarity, or distinctive feature of a product.
An ad on a Web page that is usually linked to the advertiser's site.
B2B is an acronym for "business-to-business" referring to commerce between businesses. Most commonly used in connection
with e-commerce and advertising, when you are targeting businesses as opposed to consumers.
A name, term, sign or symbol used for identification and recognition purposes of products or services. Both a physical and
emotional trigger to create a relationship between consumers and the product or service.
Brand Attributes
Functional or emotional associations that are assigned to a brand by i…