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The Evolution of Management Models

1900-1925: The Emerging of the Rational Goal Model and the Internal Process Model
Theoretical Perspective 1.1: Taylor's 4 Principle of Management (Fredrick Taylor: father of scientific management) 1. Develop a science for every job, which replaces the old rule-of-thumb method. 2. Systematically select workers so that they fit the job, and train them effectively. 3. Offer incentives so that workers behave in accordance with the principles of the sciences that has been developed. 4. Support workers by carefully planning their work and smoothing the way as they do their job.
Rational Goal Model: value of achievement and profit maximization > symbol: dollar sign > manager: decisive director and task-oriented producer
Internal Process Model: criteria of effectiveness are stability and continuity; routinization leads to stability > symbol: pyramid > manager: technically expert monitor and dependable coordinator

1926-1950: The Emergence of Human Relations Model


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