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2 Stories- Misfortune/Bleesing and Dreams

It's weird how things happen-
I am fighting my body and health and trying to live a happy life. In last update post I introduced my idea of dreams. All my life, I have always thought about others and what I should do to benefit them, even selecting a major like psychology, was about how I can serve people to make them happy. Few experiences- 1. I went to madir and I was sitting there upset and my health, and it was at a odd time, so the pandit was just mingling around. At this sunnyvale mandir, it's a big hall with different gods in different areas. I usually sit my Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa- I was just sitting there, upset, red eyes, in pain and just looking weak. This pandit comes to talk to me, and I tell him what is going on with my health a few relationship issues, and he tells me, "This is for your own good, god has seen you neglecting yourself over others and so the only way he can teach you to forget about everyone and focus on yourself and take care…