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New Chapter in Career - VSS Monitoring

I have been looking for a job in Bay Area from Boise for few months now. I am not sure what my career entails, but my goal has been to get a job in Bay Area and complete my Masters program in California. 
I am so happy that I finally landed a position in marketing at a network hardware technology company in Burlingame, California. It's amazing how fast it happened. I applied to a lot of jobs from Boise, and I came for a vacation with Daena (drove) from Boise to Bay Area for a week. We thought we would do tourist things in San Francisco, and I can do the few interviews I had setup. 
During my visit, I got a phone call for a marketing position on Thursday at VSS Monitoring with the hiring manager. Then, she called me in for an in-person interview with her on Friday late morning. Since I was leaving back for Boise on Sunday, and the CEO wasn't available, she had the Controller do an interview with me. My interview with him lasted less than 20 minutes, and he said he will get back t…

Life- Reduce Stress

1. Speak and honor your truth. One of the biggest problems, especially for women, is knowing when and how to say no. Many women are born with the need to please and deal with societal pressures to be superwoman. We must learn to say no when we mean no and yes when we truly mean yes. Our truth is a gift that we must honor. We all know when we are not honoring our truth because we feel it in our spirit. Live your life so that everything is a reflection of your truth. 2. Stop feeling obligated. So many times we maintain friendships and relationships out of obligation. We feel that we must remain part of a person’s life because of the length of time we have known them or what we have experienced together in the past. However, people change and you must acknowledge when a friendship is no longer beneficial and enriching. You can feel when someone is draining your life and energy. Then you must remove yourself from the equation. You must remember that you are allowing yourself to…