Identity: Graphic Designer Dancer Active Volunteer

Someone once asked me, "What do you want to be known as, What do you want to be an expert at or be known for as a person, What is it that should make someone come to you for advice because you are the best in that field?"

At the time I was asked this question, I didn't know how to answer it. I didn't think much about it, but after a while I realized it, and have been stumbling upon this quest to answer this question. Its part of knowing yourself and being the best and doing what you do.

Graphic Designer. I want to be known as a influential graphic designer. I have always had a passion for creating and being artistic. It is what my career is focused on right now. I am working on a Master's in Graphic Design from a high standardized university in San Fransisco (Academy of Art University). From a focus of a graphic designer: I want to come out of this program with a above 3.5 GPA. According to the professors and the grading I am going through in my first semester classes- getting a 4.0 or even an A in general is very difficult. I want to try my best to put all my effort into it and get the best grade I can get. I know that whatever I put in it is what I am going to get out of it, so I want to put each drop of my blood in it so I come out as a well grounded graphic designer, along with a stunning portfolio. Graphic Design is a very broad field. Some of them include: corporate and brand identity, website design, motion graphics, multimedia, packaging design, print and collateral. Some of my areas of interest include film posters, layout, book design and multimedia communication. Eventually, I want to have a design firm, a company that provides almost all design services.

Dancer. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved dancing. I still do. I got some training here and there, and taught myself here and there. In 2007, I took Repertory dance and I learned so much in that from choreography to styles to movements. I learned Salsa on my own with lots of help from Sarah and I took hip hop dance classes at Meridian Dance Arts Academy where I learned hip hop and did few performances and competitions. Overall, I have done few indian dance performances for weddings, and other occasional events. I absolutely love dancing. In 2007 fall, I tore my patellas (knee cap) and literally became handicapped. I couldn't walk, or perform regular activities let alone dance. At that time my doctor said, no dancing until you knee and leg muscles, ligaments are built and strengthened, which I only did for 6 months of physical therapy. Now, I am strengthening my muscles back up by going to Gold's gym, and staring out with a little bit of dancing workshop/workout there. I am strengthening my body, legs and improving my health with calcium and multi-vitamin pills, good food diet and exercise and rest. With this I am going to be mentally and physically strong which will help me become a good dancer. I want to learn and experiment with all types of dances, but my primary focus will be hip hop, salsa/latin and bollywood/hindi contemporary (which includes almost all types of dancing).

Volunteer/Fundraising Event Management/Network: Ok, so I made a very long and confusing title. What I mean to say is: I want to be an active volunteer in the community. I love meeting people, helping people and improving overall community, may it be global, national or in state. Throughout I have been part of Sheridian Academy where I tutored 17 high school students, Festival of Trees which is an annual event in Boise every November, Boise State University opportunities: rake up boise, service saturday, idaho food bank, and boys and girls club. Also, part of large things such as AID Seattle and CEN (Community Empowerment Network). There is not a CEN in the bay area, so I working on developing that with the board members when I get down there and will get part of the AID Bay Area Team. I have took up Social Chair at AAU (my university) and going to be in charge of Fundraising Committe with the Finance Chair, so there I will have lots of opportunities to do event management and fundraising and volunteer work. It will be great to incorporate AAU team with other volunteer opportunities.

Overall, I want to these three things to be part of my identity: Graphic Design. Dancer. Active Community Member.

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