Public Speaking Talk

At Uber, we do monthly soft skills training and I was asked if I would teach a session on Public Speaking. As usual, I said ‘yes’ with lot of enthusiasm! 
It took me some time, but I was able to create a solid deck with 10 public speaking tips and techniques and included a impromptu speaking section (toastmaster table topics inspired). I really enjoyed pulling the content together and doing this public speaking talk three times in like two weeks. I did it once at Uber, and by popular demand we hosted a second one. In between, I did this talk at GrowthX. 
For the first one, my dear friend and DreamGetter partner, Millie, came and helped me run the interactive impromptu speaking part. She is amazing and very engaging with the audience. More importantly, she helped me prepare and gave me very good feedback before prime time! 
Here are the slides and below is the feedback I got! The feedback is so encouraging! 

I thought the material was invaluable and that Honey really "owned" …

Happiness Index

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." 

This resonated so much with me in many aspects of life and specially for 'happiness'. It is really important to be happy on a daily basis. Being happy everyday makes you more productive, lets you enjoy little things in life, and is proven to have a impact on your health. 

As I think about this, I first started this on basis of developing good habits. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, so I made a list of good habits and followed them for 21 days using sticky notes and calendar invites, and reminder, and you get the point! 

Recently, it took me a series of bad days to step back and think about why I had bad days. This led to me developing my daily happiness index! 

Happiness index is a set of criteria that I use to gage if I had a good day because a good means I was happy. This is purely based on things I control and at the end of the day make me say, "That was a really good day, I am happy!&…

HBR: The Essentials

The first set in the HBR's 10 Must Reads Boxed Set with Bonus Emotional Intelligence (7 Books) is “The Essentials” which brings together the best thinking from management's most influential experts.

[1] Meeting the Challenges of Disruptive One of the hallmarks of a great manager is the ability to identify the right person for the right job and to train employees to succeed at their jobs. To succeed consistently, good managers need to be skilled not just in assessing people, but also assessing the abilities and disabilities of the organization. Factors that affect what an organization can and cannot do: resources, processes, and values. Organization values are standards by which employees set priorities. Prioritization are made at every level. In the startup stages, much of what gets done is attributed to resources - people. The departure of few key people can profoundly impact the organization. Over time, locus of organization capabilities shift towards process and values. Cult…